March Family Night: Pittsburgh Home and Garden Show

We had a fun family night for the month of March–we went to the Pittsburgh Home and Garden Show and it did not disappoint! My parents even met up with us to join in on the fun.

Grandparents holding grandson and granddaughter

It’s typically a really busy event at the convention center downtown, so we chose to go on a Monday night to avoid the weekend crowds. It has over 1,500 exhibits spread out over ten acres for all things home and garden along with food and pet items, too. 

We looked at sheds, hot tubs, swing sets, doors, garden supplies, flowers, snagged some baked goods, and had an overall amazing evening.

Girl climbing rock wall on swing set

We last attended the Home and Garden Show in 2019 (Sadie was a baby!), and I was pleasantly surprised by how kid-friendly the event was.

Children were allowed to play on the playground equipment, swings, and trampolines for sale and there was a “kid zone” with a Lego display, trains, and an area with crafts and toys.

There was even a nursing station with a rocking chair and baby supplies. Yay for not feeding my baby in the bathroom or in the middle of a crowd 😂

Girl playing with toysMom and dad selfie with baby boyGrandpa holding baby boy

There was definitely something for everyone. Jimmy and my mom loved looking at handmade Turkish lamps, I got to pet some dogs, my mom and I shared some cookies, Sadie played, and my dad (jokingly) almost dipped Mordecai in a couple of hot tubs.

I think all the fun wore Sadie out because she fell asleep in my dad’s arms at the end of the night. He laid her on a display of beds and everyone who walked past was cracking up at the little girl sleeping on the display. I guess she was good advertising?!

Young girl sleeping on a bed display

Yes, it was a good night indeed! I can’t wait for next month’s family night. We haven’t decided what we’ll do, so if you have any ideas, send them my way!

Have you ever been to a home and garden show?



  1. It was so much fun! I can’t stop
    Thinking of those Turkish lamps –
    The craftsmanship was so amazing to me. Sadie on the bed was hilarious- plus the fact the display owners didn’t say a word or even seem to care a little girl was sleeping in one of their display beds 🤣
    Mordecai seemed to really enjoyed himself too – although he’s always happy and smiling!
    I will try to think of a family night idea for you guys and let you know!

  2. I saw the picture of Sadie sleeping and it gave me a good laugh! I love these trade shows. I’ve been to one for blogging events, food, stuff related to work, haha so much fun!

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