Lately: COVID-19

Hey! I hope this post finds everyone healthy and as calm as possible. Everything that has been going on with COVID-19 has been pretty wild. I think it’s safe to say everyone has been impacted in one way or another.

It was crazy to go to the grocery store and see the shelves bare and completely out of stock of things I usually take for granted like toilet paper, canned goods, bread, and cereal.

Empty shelves at Walmart during COVID-19

I know a lot of people are out of work or working from home and facing really difficult situations. We have been praying for everyone who is impacted in any way. As always, if I can pray for you, send me an email or leave a comment. I would be more than happy to pray specific prayers for you 🙂

Our church had its last gathering for at least the next two weeks on Sunday morning and it hurt my heart to think we won’t be with our church family, especially during a time when we need each other the most. Technology to the rescue, though! We’ve been able to watch our church’s sermons and lessons on our TV via Facebook live and try to keep things as normal as possible in that regard. 

Sermon on TV

The extra time at home and absence of busyness has helped me to draw closer to God, dig into my Bible, and spend more time in prayer. He is in control, He loves us, and is with us. Always.

One of my blog friends, Nicole, wrote an awesome post on everything that’s going on from a Christian’s perspective. Check it out here if you’re interested! She truly has a way with words and I found her post both real and comforting, which is tough to achieve these days. 

In an effort to keep as much normalcy as possible in our day, Sadie and I filmed a vlog yesterday! 

Other happenings have included walks around the block, texting our neighbors to see if we can help, Facetiming (<– is that a word?!) with our parents, lots of baking, cleaning, hand washing, and enjoying our time together.

How about a few pictures?

Walking down stairs with toddler

Prayer journal

Toddler licking spoon while baking muffins

Well, I better get going. I hear Sadie starting to wake up. Her sleep has been all over the place lately and we’re hoping it’s not because her ears hurt.

She has been having ear infection after ear infection and we’re praying she doesn’t have another one now because we really don’t want to expose her to any extra germs at the doctor’s office and also don’t want to add extra work onto the doctors who are already so busy. Fellow parents, what do you do when your child has an earache?

Alright, I really better go! 

Is there any way I can pray for you?



  1. You guys are the best!!! Making the best out of a crazy situation is the right thing to do, although hard and very different. Can’t wait to see you this week, even though we’ll be semi-quarantined (we can go for a walk!!)
    Love you,

    1. Thanks!! It’s better to just stay positive and make the best of our situation instead of complain and whine. It can be tough, but so many others have it way worse than us! We can’t wait to see you and go for a walk! ❤

  2. I’m so thankful for technology right now! It seems as though we aren’t as isolated as we could have been if technology wasn’t as advanced as it currently is. Your prayer journal looks like art! I honestly thought it was a painting or water color at first.

    1. YES! Technology has been so amazing. I’m usually trying to distance myself from my phone, but I’ve been finding myself using it more to check in with family and friends and also check any news, lol. Ahh, isn’t the prayer journal so pretty?! I smile every time I see it!

  3. I appreciated Nicole’s post too! So much truth there. I’m glad you are finding little bits of peace in all this turmoil. ❤

    Also, yay for vlogs! Here is my stream of thought as I watched it: Sadie saying "hi" is SO precious! And I love that she loves her little baby so much! I'm so glad that the soft claws are working so well for Malcolm! They sound amazing. We love Kodiak Cakes!! We have actually been on a big kick with them lately on Saturday mornings. So good! Sadie playing on the bed while you make it is probably one of my new favorite clips. Well, that and later on when you guys were playing on the bed. That is absolutely precious! And so true to real life. I love that! ❤ Aww, the "I Prayed for You" book!! ❤ I just bought that as a gift for someone else this week! It's such a sweet one! 🙂

    1. Amen! Thank you for always watching our vlogs, Rach! I love reading your stream of thought!! I keep re-watching Sadie saying “hi” because it’s just so adorable, haha!! And those soft claws are saving our lives… well at least our skin from scratches, ha! I can’t thank you enough for the “I Prayed For You” book. Sadie has been pulling it off of her bookshelf every day lately and bringing it to me to read to her!! It’s just such a wonderful book 🙂

  4. Your vlog really made me smile! 🙂 Love Malcolm with his green ‘painted’ claws. And Sadie is adorable with her sign language.

    We’re living in strange times but I’m so glad to have technology to stay connected.

    I hope you and your family are all well.

    1. I’m so glad our vlog made you smile! Every time I see Malcolm’s claws I’m instantly happier. They’re just so cute, haha!

      Yes, I have never been so glad for technology! I hope you’re hanging in there and doing well, Grace!

      We are all healthy so far, which is a huge blessing!

  5. Wow, Allie, thank you so much for the shout-out. I’m so touched and humbled that my post encouraged you.
    I am VERY excited to watch your vlog, but I am not allowed to watch any of your vlogs without my children. They are huge fans! Ha, ha. 🙂 So we’ll enjoy that tomorrow morning together. Can’t wait!!

  6. I thought of you a couple of months ago because Owen got his first ear infection after a head cold. It was tough to see and I know I had it easy – it was minor, he took the antibiotics well, he was mostly cheerful, his sleep wasn’t too bad leading up to starting the meds and was fine after he started them. But I was still stressed! I empathized in a way I hadn’t before for you and for Sadie. Have you guys seen an ENT to find out if tubes in her ears would help? Several friends had kids with regular ear infections and tubes instantly made the problem a non issue. I don’t know if that’s an option but I wanted to ask!

    1. Aww, poor Owen boy! I’m so sorry you guys had to go through that! I am definitely going to ask to see an ENT if she keeps getting ear infections. I always hear other parents who have kids with tubes say the same thing–it was a non issue after the tubes!

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