Comfortably On Repeat

We’ve had a pretty chill first month of 2021 so far and I’m very happy with that! This time last year Jimmy had just been hospitalized for gastritis and the U.S. was beginning to worry about COVID.

Who would have guessed that we would have to wait in line to get into grocery stores, only to find empty shelves, or that wearing a mask in public would be totally normal. Needless to say, having a relaxed first month of 2021 is wonderful in my opinion!

I feel like we’ve mostly adjusted to the new normal and with winter in full swing, we’ve been doing a lot of things on repeat. I find routine so comforting. How about you? 

One thing we’ve been doing on repeat this month is going to church. Never taking that for granted after our church closed for a few months in the thick of COVID last year. My brother-in-law preached a sermon on Sunday night that had me in tears. God’s Word in powerful! 

Preacher at church preaching a sermon

Another thing on repeat? Homeschool. Who’s tired of me talking about homeschool? Haha. We’re halfway through Sadie’s preschool curriculum and I can’t believe it.

Everyone I know who homeschools told me I would make a purchased curriculum “my own” and I didn’t really believe it. I thought I would stick with exactly what the teacher’s manual says (out of fear that I would mess something up)… but I find myself adjusting something, or tweaking a lesson to better suit us. It’s a lot of fun to get creative and put my own spin on a lesson. 

Mom homeschooling daughter for preschool

I’ve been cooking a lot of the same recipes on repeat. Maybe you would call it a food rut? Or maybe it’s just efficient that I know a small rotation of recipes like the back of my hand 😉 

Some of my favorites are roasted zucchini, pancakes, sloppy joes, banana nut granola, pork chops, and bean soup. What are some of your go-to recipes?

Girl cooking zucchini in kitchen

I’ve been hanging out with Sader Tot on repeat, as always. It’s so wild to become a parent. Before I had her, I just went through my days and now I’m like how did I go through life without her? What did I used to do? She’s so cool and I love spending time with her. 

Even if she eats pretzels a little, shall we say, differently?

Toddler eating pretzels on the seat of a chair

Other things on repeat: walks with Niva, getting outside as much as possible, reading, studying my Bible, and vlogging. 

Speaking of vlogging, here’s our latest vlog. We filmed it on Monday, but it also includes a few flashback clips from our adventures around Pittsburgh on Friday. Bonus: it features shopping for baby clothes 😍 

Just so you don’t think I’m too boring I did do something out of the ordinary today. I got a sewing lesson from Jimmy’s aunt! We’re making a dress for Sadie. I’m optimistic she can wear it by spring, lol. 

Are you a fan of routine?



  1. You and Sadie are so adorable together. I totally know what you mean about a food rut- I feel like I make the same basic recipes all the time, although I pin a zillion others, I just never get myself to try them. I also feel as if things are feeling a tiny bit more normal- as much as we are able that is (I HATE WEARING A MASK).
    Thanks for filming amazing vlogs and writing your blog posts!! It’s so enjoyable and I know Sadie will truly love reading and watching every one of them someday soon!!

    1. She’s so much fun to hang out with 😊

      Maybe we need to swap recipes, haha! And yeah, I agree with things being a little more normal. I think being able to go to church helps a lot!

      I love that you read my posts and watch the vlogs! That means a lot to me 🙂

  2. I really enjoyed your post full of so much! You do everything! How cute you made a dress for Sadie also. I really loved watched your vlog as well.

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