Saved For A Rainy Day

You know the concept of saving something for a rainy day? I took it pretty literally today. We woke up to rain here in Pittsburgh and everyone in our zoo was a little stir crazy.

Niva went to doggy daycare and I pulled out Sadie’s water painting mat that I’ve been saving for, well, a rainy day. 

Toddler playing with water painting mat

I’m not sure if Sadie or I had more fun playing with that thing. It’s pretty cool! 

Remember the $0.34 dress I mentioned buying at the thrift store? Here’s how it looks on Sader Tot. Also, she insisted on wearing rain boots that day even though it wasn’t raining 😉

Toddler wearing corduroy dress

Thankfully Jimmy didn’t have such long day at work yesterday! He came home and made a fort with Sadie while I got some real estate work done.

It always amazes me how he comes home from working nine hours and is ready to play the evening away. I also heard them pretending to sleep, so hopefully he got a little rest 😉

Dad and daughter inside couch and blanket fort

Last but not least, I want to introduce you to my new sourdough starter, Jethro.

I’ve been feeding him for about a week now and am hoping to bake my first loaf with him today or tomorrow. Can’t wait!

Sourdough Starter

Do you save anything for a rainy day?



  1. I’m so glad Sadie likes the paint mat! She and jimmy are totally adorable together ~ I love how they play games and his full attention is on her.
    I usually save cleaning days – but can’t say I did that today. I did catch up on some real estate work and vacuumed my he stairs- I guess they kind of counts. 😋😋

    1. She loves the paint mat! So do Jimmy and I, haha! I agree-Jimmy is so amazing at giving his full attention to Sadie. It’s the best!

      Glad you got caught up with work and some cleaning 🙂

  2. Awww Sadie’s outfit ❤ paint mat looks fun!! Has the fence extension thus far contained Niva girl??
    Having not lived in a rainy state until recently, I didn’t ever think to save things for rainy days. I wish it were cloudy & raining now; I’ve had a really difficult week (sick with high fever and symptoms of what is likely an intense upper respiratory infection), so I’ve mostly been in bed, save for the ER trip. Very grateful this isn’t the flu or covid, and that no one else I’m in contact with has gotten sick. Anyway, I’m too stubborn to close my window shades but really wish it were overcast, and think rain would be cozy & soothing 😛

    1. The paint mat was a blast!! So far, the fence extension has contained Niva girl! WHOOP!!

      I am so sorry about your difficult week, Niques. I hope you’re feeling better now and I’m so glad it’s not the flu or covid. Whew. Crazy!! I hope you get a cozy, rainy day soon 🙂

  3. She looks lovely in her new dress. Sander tot is a fashionista for picking her rain boots that matched her dress!!

  4. Saving a few special things for stormy days is so smart! I definitely do that too! Looks like you all made the most of your rainy day! 🙂

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