How It Came Out, Holiday Coffee, and Our Zoo

Here’s how the challah from my last post came out! I think I would be happy baking bread every day for the rest of my life. 

Challah bread

What do you think about holiday-flavored drinks?

I’m not really into flavored coffee, but I tried Starbucks Holiday Blend k cups and found them to be just right in terms of having a different flavor than “normal” coffee, while not being overly sweet or flavored. Definitely recommend 🙂

Starbucks Holiday Blend K Cups

Speaking of holidays, I mentioned having trouble finding books that were fall-themed but didn’t mention Halloween and Rach sent me a whole list of fall books. I went down a rabbit hole of looking at books and ordered this one. It’s so precious!

Oh, have I ever mentioned our house is a zoo? I was feeding Niva and put her dog food down on the ground and she jumped on the table while Sadie sat on the ground and ate Niva’s food. Totally logical, right?!

Siberian Husky on table

What hobby would be happy to do every day for the rest of your life?


  1. That bread looks AMAZING!!! I’m glad you liked the coffee ~ I still haven’t tried it 😂
    Niva and Sadie ~ two peas in a pod. They are bff’s and it’s adorable.
    Something I would love to do everyday for the rest of my life – Walk on the beach @ OBX. 💕
    Love you beautiful mama

    1. Thank you! I want to experiment with some new flavors here soon so maybe you will want to test ’em 🙂

      I hope you like the coffee if you give it a try. It’s awesome.

      I am with you on walking on the beach every day. That sounds amazing ❤ I love you!

  2. That challah is beautiful!! I use to be way more into flavored coffees, not so much now; although I do occasionally like a mocha or other coffee with flavor added in when getting Starbucks.
    Ha! I relate to having a zoo in the house 😉 Hobby that I could do every day? Definitely crochet and/or knitting (once I relearn how to do that). I kind of love yarn…

    1. Aww, thank you so much Niques! I have to agree with you–sometimes a mocha or flavored coffee hits the spot when I’m at Starbucks!! I like their vanilla lattes and peppermint mochas a lot. Jimmy and I tried their iced cloud macchiato recently and it was amazing.

      So glad you can relate to the whole zoo thing! You guys have double the animals, so I can’t imagine all the craziness that ensues, ha!

      I love that you would crochet or knit every day. That is amazing and I feel like it’s definitely a dying art these days with so many people spending more time online than working with their hands, you know?!

  3. The bread you make always looks so good!! I’m not a coffee person so that takes a lot of holiday drinks off the table for me. One that I do enjoy is peppermint hot chocolate! So festive and plus who doesn’t like hot chocolate?! One hobby I could do every day (and basically do haha) is read!

    1. Aww, thanks Maureen! Okay, I am totally craving peppermint hot chocolate now! I always forget you’re not a coffee person!

      I am SO with you on reading every day. Yes, yes, yes!

  4. I’m so glad the book was a winner for you! I am always happy to talk children’s books, haha!

    Also, I love that Jimmy is completely nonplussed by Niva being on the table. I love your little zoo!

    1. It’s so sweet, and I am super thankful you’re always willing to talk about books and share all of your favorites!

      Oh yes, we are quite used to the craziness of Niva being any and everywhere at this point! 😉

  5. Your loaf of bread is perfection!!! Looks delicious ❤ And its a yes for me to holiday coffee blends! I just ordered some new holiday flavors from nespresso!

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