Currently: September 2021

Welcome to September! It is somehow the ninth month of 2021. Totally wild! There’s a lot I’m looking forward to this month and all sorts of fun stuff I’m loving. Here’s what’s current in my life for September!

Family photo selfie with mom, dad, and toddler daughter

Current books I just started reading this memoir, which is already proving to be fascinating. I also learned it was made into a TV series, so maybe I’ll be watching that after I finish the book. We shall see! Also working through this Bible study each morning.

Current excitement We’re going on vacation this month! Let’s hope we don’t get evacuated again this year 🤪

Current fun Our weekly library trips for story time. We absolutely love our library and have such a wonderful time there!

Currently looking forward to Sadie turning three! She is such a sweetheart ❤️

Toddler standing on tippy toes trying to reach countertop

Current joy Sadie learning how to use scissors. It’s the little things, right?! I bought her this little practice set and we’ve been working on her scissor skills. We were both so proud when she started to get the hang of it!

Current prayer For all those impacted by Hurricane Ida.

Current TV show Jimmy and I have been watching Secrets of the Zoo: Tampa on Disney+ each night before bed and it’s awesome. I’ve been so impressed with the amount of enrichment the staff does with their animals and the level of care they provide.

Current baked good All the challah! I’ve been practicing some ideas for holidays and having an absolute blast. I’m pretty sure it’s not normal to make a cornucopia out of bread while your child naps, but oh well 🤷‍♀️

Challah bread cornucopia centerpiece

Current food I’m going to sound childish here, buuut I have been enjoying chocolate teddy grahams lately!

Current obsession Thinking of how I want to decorate for fall this year and also planning Sadie’s birthday party 🥳

Current blessing The wonderful woman who adopted Mavis from us. She has been such an encouragement and support to me with my Etsy shop and life in general. I have been able to see Mavis regularly and buy the best dog food for Niva from her and it’s all a huge blessing that I never could have anticipated when we were going through having to rehome our little May May in 2020. We may have “lost” our dog, but I gained a very dear friend ❤️

Current cuteness Sadie and Niva snuggling on the couch. We came home from running errands the other day and Sadie saw Niva and said “Sweet puppy! I’m glad you’re home!” as though they hadn’t seen each other in weeks 😂

Husky and kid snuggling on couch

Current beauty product All things Mary Kay! My sister sells it and told me that they came out with some new products for fall, so I got these eyeshadows and they’re so pretty!

Current indulgence As usual, a nap every now and then is the most luxurious thing for me 😂

Current drink Take a wild guess…

Girl holding Starbucks to go coffee cup

Current fail We went to our annual church picnic at a local park last weekend and it was hot outside so we left the windows in our car cracked. It eventually poured rain for quite some time, all the while we completely forgot we left our windows cracked! Yeahhhhh. We had puddles of water on the seats and had to take it to the dealership to get checked out 🤦‍♀️

Current win The car getting soaked actually prompted us to give it a deep clean. We had been meaning to do it for a while, but finally did and now it’s all spic and span! I even washed Sadie’s carseat padding and sanitized the whole thing. Felt wonderful!

Current craving Going thrift shopping with my mom and Sister. I’m hoping we can thrift together on vacation because Sadie has basically zero clothes for the fall season, lol!

A look back…

Tell me what’s current in your life this month!



  1. I feel the same here with our blessed friendship. Who would ever thought it would be over a sweet dog. You did an amazing job raising Norell up as a puppy who amazed me how smart she is. It a pleasure having her and glad there is no anxiety after you both part. Norell seem to accept her new home. And for your new project for the holidays, it looks awesome and sure it will be beautiful, delicious and blessing for anyone to have on their table for their feast

    1. Thank you so, so much! We are so grateful to you in a million different ways, but most of all for taking care of Norell just as we would! I know she loves you and loves her new home and sisters and Mr. Ed so, so much! Thank you for the compliment on my bread, too!! ❤

  2. Um, I’m amazed at your cornucopia made of bread! Look at you!

    Also, Sadie and Niva’s relationship is just so sweet. ❤

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