Pretty Porch, Funny Things, and Tech Feelings

The woman we buy Niva’s dog food from decorated her front yard for fall and it’s gorgeous. I got her permission to share some pictures here in case you need any decorating inspiration!

Porch decor for fall with pumpkins and leavesFront yard decorated for fall

It’s pretty, isn’t it? She has such a classy style of decorating! I wish I was half as talented in that department, haha. I tend throw some mums on our front porch, put a wreath on the door, hang a new garden flag, and call it a day as far as outdoor decorations are concerned 😂

Okay, funny things. Jimmy sent me a meme the other night and I was truly keeled over laughing for a good five minutes. It’s probably not that funny, but it made me happy so I have to share it here.

Funny cat meme

If you have a cat, do you find this to be true? We make a certain sound and Malcolm comes running right away. He also sometimes beats Niva to the door when guests come over–definitely the least shy cat I’ve ever met!

Speaking of funny things, Sadie thought bubbles were very amusing over the weekend. Earlier in the summer Jimmy bought her this bubble gun that shoots a ton of bubbles at once and they love playing with that thing. And by playing with it, I mean attacking me with bubbles whenever possible 😜

Young girl laughing at bubbles blowing

Also funny (but maybe more on the creepy side) is the bunny pancake Sadie and I made together. We were looking at a kids’ cookbook one morning and decided to make the rabbit pancake we saw on the pages.

It definitely didn’t look as pretty as the cookbook’s version, but Sadie was happy with it and ate the whiskers, one ear, and toppings (which is a lot for her 😂).

Young girl standing by plate with bunny rabbit pancake

Last but not least, let’s talk about technology. It’s kind of funny to me when people think I’m “techy” because it often feels like nothing could be further from the truth. Yes, I write a blog on the internet, but it’s simple. I promise! I enjoy the writing aspect of it, not the tech side of it.

I last upgraded my phone just before Sadie was born and it was definitely time for a new one. The battery was dying quickly and a lot of things were glitching. Jimmy pushed me to upgrade to the newest iPhone and ughhhhhh. How ungrateful does that sound 🙈 I love the camera, but it has been such a process to learn the new phone and transfer things over and blah blah blah.

I told Jimmy that my perfect phone would have four features:

  1. The ability to make phone calls
  2. The ability to text
  3. A nice camera
  4. GPS

Aaaaand that’s it! I know phones are easily customized now (and I do have most of my notifications turned off and have as few apps as possible), but I still feel too… connected? Overstimulated? Ever since I read How to Break Up With Your Phone I not only use my phone differently, but think about it in a different way, too. To me, it’s a tool, not an escape. Am I perfect at using it as a tool and not a distraction? No. But I’m doing my best!

How do you feel about technology?

What’s the last thing that made you laugh really hard?

Do you decorate your house or yard for fall?



  1. I don’t mind technology- I just stink at it for sure. Social media- I have none – one of the best decisions in my adult life! What a waste of time & energy.
    Probably the last thing that made me laugh was Caroline saying ‘YaYa I used pap paps potty in his bathroom and used the ‘poop flusher’.
    I am also HORRIBLE at decorating. I try- sometimes, and have good intentions, but I just don’t like spending a lot of $ on decor, so therefore every holiday season is 1/2 put together (or less). Oh well- we all have our strengths and weaknesses. 🤷‍♀️

    1. I stink at it, too! It can be useful… but also SO addicting! I’m glad you’ve found a good balance with what technology you use! I am very happy to not be on FB, lol!

      Sadie told me your house is beautiful so I think you’re a great decorator!

  2. I literally just shared today how I am still hanging onto my iPhone 8, because I cannot justify buying a new one. I know I would have a big learning curve with the newest iPhone too, and it just feels like “too much?” I don’t know. I’m sure once you have has it for a while you will love it.

    That meme is so good. I literally said the pspspsp out loud.

    I adore that woman’s fall decor! And I looked at her website and love her dog food! If only I had a dog, and lived closer. My mom goes HARD for fall…and this year she decorated in July. It was a bit too soon. LOL.

    1. That’s so funny! It is definitely a learning curve to get a new phone and I agree… it just seems like a lot! But that’s how I felt with my old phone, so I guess we all just adjust?!

      Hahah about the meme! We have a certain noise we make for Malcolm and he always comes! It’s the best 🙂

      Ahh, I love that your mom gets into fall decor! Is she like that with Christmas, too? I want to see pictures!

  3. Memes definitely crack me up!! I feel like over the past couple of years, these meme creators have really stepped up their games. They’re HILARIOUS! Ha, ha!!
    I’m not super into technology, to be honest. My husband LOVES all that stuff, so I let him do the research and figure out all the things for me. Ha, ha.
    And YES, I definitely decorate for the fall season! 🙂 It’s so warm and cozy, and I’m just so excited that the fall season (and holiday season) is here! 🙂

    1. Same! I love a good meme. It feels like a stress relief when you find one that literally makes you LOL! I am 100% with you on letting our husbands deal with the tech stuff 😉

  4. I had my iPhone 8 for like five years. Haha! We just got new phones this year. It’s such a hassle and time commitment – I do not understand people who upgrade every year or more often than every four to five years. Have you read The Power of Fun? I think it’s by the same lady who wrote How to Break Up With Your Phone…

    1. That’s amazing! It really does feel like a hassle to switch over to a new phone. Jimmy is totally one of those people who upgrades every year or so and *enjoys* it… I think that’s a little crazy 😉

      I just looked up The Power of Fun and am totally adding it to my to-read list! I really enjoyed reading from that author!

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