Pancakes, Pap Pap, and The Toddler Life

I figured out a fun way to get Sadie to actually eat pancakes: make them look like Mickey Mouse! Or at least the shape of his head 😂

Mickey Mouse Pancake

She thought this was the coolest thing and has been asking for “Mickey pancakes” each morning since I pulled this trick out of my mom hat. She even eats about 3/4 of it, which is a huge win!

Since we’re talking about breakfast, I have to know: are you team waffles or team pancakes? Or both? (more…)

Recent Eats

So, the last time I posted about my “recent eats” was in March. Not acceptable! I became busy during the last month of school and throughout my internship, so photographing food was the last thing on my mind.

Well, I have food photos now. Here are my recent eats!

Pancakes galore.

America on a plate.

Dipping/Snack plate. Gotta love fresh corn!

Taco, kale, mushrooms, and snap peas.

My uncle owns a lot of livestock, and he gave my family some fresh beef, bacon, and pork sausage. So I made bacon-topped meatloaf.

Grilled shrimp. Potato kebabs. Mushroom kebabs. Yum.

I had too much time on my hands on Saturday and I tried to be really artsy with my food.

Fried zucchini. I had to buy this zucchini, but if all goes well, my garden will produce more zucchini than I can handle. What a wonderful problem to have 😉

Lettuce from my garden. Makes me so happy.

Now onto the cookies I’ve been testing out for my brother’s wedding in July…

Peanut butter, pretzel, and milk chocolate chip cookies. YES.

Oatmeal raisin cookies. Can’t go wrong with a classic.

Lemon rings. I made half of the batch into rings and decided they were ugly, so I made half the batch into balls. I just don’t know. I think I might try a better looking lemon cookie recipe. Does anyone have a really good lemon cookie recipe?!


Well, that’s all the foodie pictures I have for now.

This week I get to do more baking because I’m working in the kitchen at my church for Vacation Bible School (also known as VBS) this week. Many of the women who work in the kitchen during VBS are older and “burned out,” so they’re training me to be in charge of the kitchen duties next year. Yikes! Responsibility!