Pancakes, Pap Pap, and The Toddler Life

I figured out a fun way to get Sadie to actually eat pancakes: make them look like Mickey Mouse! Or at least the shape of his head 😂

Mickey Mouse Pancake

She thought this was the coolest thing and has been asking for “Mickey pancakes” each morning since I pulled this trick out of my mom hat. She even eats about 3/4 of it, which is a huge win!

Since we’re talking about breakfast, I have to know: are you team waffles or team pancakes? Or both?

Moving on to Pap Pap. If you have children, what do they call your parents and in-laws? Sadie is a big fan of my dad and calls him Pap Pap, which I love because I used to call his dad Pap ❤️

Toddler girl and grandpa sitting at kitchen table eating together

We had my dad over for lunch one day last week and I think it was the highlight of Sadie’s day week. He came in and had to use the restroom and Sadie was like, “Oh! We have a bathroom!! I’ll show you where it is!” like he had never been to our house before 😆

I hope she never loses her sense of enthusiasm. It’s the best.

I have some pictures that accurately sum up toddler life. First up is a decorative vase… filled with veggie straws.

Blue glass vase with veggie straws in it

I gave Sadie some veggie straws for a snack and she wanted more just a few minutes later, which is unlike her. I walked past this vase and there they were 😂

Up next, we have a car situation. Every time we leave our house, Sadie grabs random things to take in the car with her. In this picture, she chose her Bible and a sleeping mask.

Toddler girl in carseat reading Bible

For her part, she sat and looked at the maps in her Bible for quite some time! I’ll take it.

Our next specimens are my favorite. All the cuddling! I love that Sadie fits so perfectly on Jimmy and they enjoy snuggling up on the couch together as often as possible.

We introduced her to video games this past weekend and it was major bonding time for Jimmy and Sadie!

Dad and toddler sitting on couch together

Dad and toddler laying on couch together

The above picture reminded me of one I took of Jimmy and Sader Tot when she was a newborn. Obviously I had to go and look for it. Here it is 🥺

Dad with newborn laying on his chest

Okay, I’m done reminiscing! I am off to start my Monday.

If you have/had a toddler, did they ever do anything very toddler-esque?



  1. Well I can’t really answer the last question because my eyes are filled with tears from the past pic. It seems like yesterday she was born ~ a tiny baby not wanting to sleep at night, or take a bottle, or a pacifier ~ but you and jimmy survived ♥️

    I have to say I’m team pancake- after all, my grandpa made the most amazing pancakes with his home made syrup and best sausage breakfasts- I can smell it now!
    Love you!

  2. I always love your posts Allie!
    I would say Pancakes for me, with a over easy egg between too if them topped with lots of maple syrup!
    Love 💕 you!

  3. I like waffles but seldom make them. And I only like butter on pancakes or waffles! No syrup or jam or anything for me.

    Love all the pics of Sadie and Jimmy! Daddy’s girl. And I also love how she was so excited to show your dad the bathroom like he was brand new to the house. 😂 So cute. My kids call my mom Nana and my stepdad Granddad. Kevin’s mom is Grandma and his dad is Grandpa. The kids kind of make up their own variations of the names too – Grandpa is often Grampy and Grandma is Granny.

  4. Team Pancakes for sure. No question. I like waffles fine, but if there is a choice then pancakes all the way.

    Ah, Jimmy and Sadie! So sweet together! ❤

    My parents are Mama Pam and Papa Ed and my MIL is Mimi!

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