Putting the Win in Winter

It’s still winter but we were graced with some spring-like weather today and it’s totally putting the “win” in winter for me 😊

Sadie and I took Niva on a walk (actually, I’m pretty sure Sadie ran the whole time?!) without jackets and gloves on this afternoon and it was wild! Like… sunshine. Not bracing against a cold wind. Sneakers instead of boots. Could spring actually be coming?

Black and white Siberian husky with blue eyes

We did our family Valentine’s Day tradition of splitting up and shopping for each other. As usual, it was fun to see what everyone picked out!

I had Sadie with me this year and we headed to the mall. I think we went up and down the escalators upwards of ten times. She still loves ’em!

Mom and daughter selfie in clothing section of Target

Jimmy ended up with Harry Potter-themed chocolate, Sadie got a jump rope, and mommy is the proud owner of a new candle 😍

Cedar Magnolia Candle by Magnolia Home

Another win for this winter is the fact that my mother-in-law tied the knot with her now husband! They got married in Las Vegas over the Valentine’s Day weekend by an Elvis impersonator!

We were invited buuuut we weren’t sure how Sadie would do in Sin City + the time change so we watched their wedding via livestream and it was so cute!

Husband and wife at Graceland Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas

We are so happy for them! They’re a great match and have a lot of fun together. Bonus–Jimmy now has four step siblings (two from his stepmom and two from his stepdad!).

Speaking of siblings: Jimmy’s brother is dropping his pup, Peach, off at our house for a play date later this week. Can’t wait! Also on the topic of siblings: my sister and her husband are moving. They have been squeezed into a two bedroom house and with baby #3 on the way, they figured they needed more room. Super happy and excited for them!

Whew. All sorts of wins. I am going to end this post here. We are having dinner and then will be off to Bible study at our church. I’ll leave you with a cute picture of Sadie lounging on top of our couch cushions 😊

Toddler girl resting on top of couch cushions

What has been a win in your life recently?



  1. Yes! SPRING! This week has felt like spring here and it has been absolutely incredible!

    Congrats to Jimmy’s mom!

    1. I bet it is really warming up for you guys! Totally jealous! We have had some peeks of sunshine and warmth, but nothing consistent just yet. Looking forward to it!

      I will pass on the congrats!! Thank you!

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