Sunday Coffee Date

Hi! Let’s go on a little (virtual) coffee date. Here’s what I would want to talk about if we were sitting down for a cup of coffee together today!

Nespresso coffee in a blue coffee mug

If we were having coffee right now… I would excitedly tell you that Jimmy and I have been enjoying the new season of Battle Bots on Discovery Channel. Each Friday night we put Sadie to bed, push our couches together, grab snacks, and watch robots fight each other πŸ˜‚

If we were having coffee right now… I would tell you the exciting news at the top of my mind: my sister and her husband are expecting baby #3! They have Caroline (almost three-years-old), Lawson (almost one-year-old), and are expecting the new bundle of Joy in September! I cannot wait to meet the new baby this fall 😍

Hannah wanted me to tell you that she has been craving peanut butter and that my peanut butter granola hits the spot. Love it πŸ₯°

Toddler sister and brother holding sign announcing new baby

If we were having coffee right now… I’d ask what you’re up to today. We have church this morning and then will head back in the evening. Our church family is such a source of joy for us. Our church is our home away from home and place of refuge from this crazy world.

If you ever want to talk about faith with me, please feel free! If you have any prayer requests, send ’em my way. I would be more than happy to pray for you!

If we were having coffee right now… I would mention that Pittsburgh had warm weather (highs in the 50s) and sunshine this past week. Sunshine! The ‘Burgh tends to be a cloudy city, so when the sun peeks out, it’s like a whole new world. Sadie and I took advantage of the warmer temps and spent time outside soaking up some Vitamin D!

Toddler girl on spin wheel at park in Pittsburgh

If we were having coffee right now… I would tell you that homeschooling Sadie is going well. I kind of laugh at myself last year vs. this year with structure and organization. I followed a schedule and had all our materials prepared a week in advance last year. This year? We are super relaxed and will sometimes do days work of worth in one day if Sadie is in the zone and skip a few days if we’re busy or she’s not in the mood.

I’m not set on one curriculum (we mainly use this) and will often combine last year’s curriculum, make up my own worksheets/lessons/activities, or use supplemental things like these Brain Quest cards that Sadie is slightly obsessed with. We are loving the laid-back approach and flexibility! I’m sure we will focus a bit more as she gets older, but experimenting with what works for us has been helpful as we assess the future years of schooling ahead of us.

Preschool Brain Quest Cards Deck 1

If we were having coffee right now… I would tell you that I’m excited for Valentine’s Day tomorrow! I think we will be doing our tradition of drawing names out of a hat, setting a small ($10 or so) budget, and shopping for each other. It’s always fun to see what everyone picks out for each other 🎁

If we were having coffee right now… I would show you my new phone case. Jimmy thinks I’m a dork but I love it!

If we were having coffee right now… I’d mention how excited I am to be making my third wedding cake this summer! Our friends (Jimmy’s cousin, actually!) from church are getting married in July and they asked me to make their cake and cupcakes. Can’t wait!

What would you want to talk about if we were having coffee?



  1. I’m definitely looking forward to a couple of trips to obx this year… atleast. It’s just so relaxing and definitely my “happy place”.
    I love your new phone cover!! It’s so unique and adorable… πŸ™‚
    I’m so glad you and Sadie were able to enjoy the couple of days of semi-warm weather we had!! It will be spring before we know it, and we can plan gardens and summer time fun!
    Love you,

  2. I saw Hannah’s announcement on social media! That’s amazing! So happy for them! πŸ™‚

    Love that you have found such a sweet spot with homeschooling for Sadie. That’s definitely a benefit of homeschooling – being able to tailor it so specifically to the child/family!

    You know you are a husky lover when even your phone case has huskies, haha! Super cute!

    1. Yay! Me too! I still can’t believe I get to have another niece or nephew; such a huge blessing to watch their family grow and see the joy of each new baby ❀️

      YES to all the benefits of homeschooling!! Do you guys plan on homeschooling?

      So true about the phone case, hahah. I feel like phone cases can reveal a lot about a person πŸ˜‚

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