Five Favorites

Sharing five recent favorites today!

1. A Wonderful Labor Day Weekend. Highlights of the weekend included church outside, followed by a cookout and fireworks on Sunday night and spending the day with my sister’s family on Monday!

Toddlers in red white and blue dresses playing together

2. A convenient baby or toddler product. My mom actually turned me on to these stick-on disposable placemats. They’re nice to take along to a restaurant or have at home for messy meals or crafts.

3. The book of Proverbs. I started reading a chapter of Proverbs each day at the beginning of September and have been enjoying it. Proverbs is the perfect book of the Bible to do a daily reading from for a month because there are 31 chapters! I’ve done this a handful of times and it’s always so enriching.

4. Starting school with Sadie. I started homeschooling Sadie this week and it has been going well! She’s learning about colors and I’ve had an absolute blast planning out things to go along with the lessons (think: books, fruit loops, and balloons).

Toddler in overalls

5. Vlogging. I’ve been having such a fun time getting creative with filming vlogs lately! I filmed one on Sunday, which gives a peek into our day and I also shared the curriculum I’m using to teach Sadie.

I’m planning on filming how I braid and bake challah soon because I got a special request for that! If you ever have and vlog or blog posts you’d like to see, let me know and I’d be happy to answer any questions or post about whatever it is 🙂

What’s a favorite of your lately?



  1. Definitely spending time at the beach. It’s just so peaceful and beautiful at our beach house ~ living here full time is definitely a dream of mine. 🥰

  2. One of my favorites lately is a simple ring I bought myself! It’s something that I think we last for years and just adds a little something to my left hand on the pointer finger.

  3. Your vlogs and day-in-the-life videos are so lovely! Watching them always makes me smile, especially when Sadie says hi to the camera. She’s such a sweet and confident little girl. It sounds like she — and you — will have a lot of fun with the homeschool curriculum!

    1. Aw, yay! I love hearing that. Sadie saying hi to the camera totally melts my heart and I’m so glad I have those clips as memories! We have been really enjoying the curriculum so far!

  4. I’m so excited for your upcoming challah post!! I am planning to make challah this Saturday for Rosh Hashanah! 🙂

    Stick on disposable mats were so great for travel when our kiddo was Sadie’s age!

    I am glad you are having fun with more structured learning time with Sadie. Have you thought about whether or not you want to home school her as she gets older? Either way it’s great you are getting a taste of it now to see how it works for the two of you! 🙂

    1. How did your challah for Rosh Hashanah go?! I hope it was amazing!

      We are thinking we will homeschool as she gets older, as long as we both enjoy it and feel like she’s doing well! What are you guys doing for schooling?!

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