Valentine’s Day 2020

How was your Valentine’s Day? Do you celebrate? I love Valentine’s Day, and I think it stems back to the fact that my parents always made it a joyful day in our house when I was growing up.

Valentine's Day Heart with scripture

My mom would help me create and meticulously decorate a Valentine’s box out of a shoe box for my classroom parties in elementary school and take me to the store to pick out Valentines for my classmates. After a party at school, I would usually come home to find a stuffed animal or small box of chocolates on my bed and it always made me so happy.

I can also vividly remember my dad taking me to a local chocolate shop to pick out just the right chocolate heart for my mom.

Thinking back on so many happy childhood memories had me wanting to make Valentine’s Day special for our little family. It started with thinking about how we could spread some love! On the 13th, I baked strawberry cupcakes and Jimmy, Sadie, and I decorated and packaged them up with a little note and delivered them to our neighbors.

Decorating Valentine's Day Cupcakes

Decorated Valentine's Day Cupcakes

Valentine's Day Cupcakes

We have been incredibly blessed with sweet neighbors all around us and were excited to treat them to something sweet for all the kindness they’ve shown us over the years. That night, I made us a special dinner (chicken tikka masala!) and we just hung out. It was a nice night 🙂

On Valentine’s Day, Sadie and I decorated the house. I put hearts with scripture about love on them all throughout the house (see the first picture of this post for an example, lol) and she and I made a sign out of craft paper, ribbon, stickers, paint, and scrapbook paper.

Mom and daughter with Valentines Day sign and flowers

Jimmy surprised us after work with flowers for each of us girls and an adorable card for me. We decided to celebrate by drawing a name out of a hat and shopping for whomever we picked! The limit was around $10 and we split up and had fun surprising each other with little gifts.

The papers also had questions to fill out about who each of us shopped for, so we read those during dinner. Some of the questions were “My biggest prayer for you is” and “My favorite memory with you is” etc. Jimmy’s biggest prayer for Malcolm? To stop biting everyone, LOL. My biggest prayer for Sadie? To know and love God and to be saved ❤

Valentines Day questions

I gave Jimmy gloves and a Kinder candy bar, he gave me puffins cereal and almond butter, Malcolm got a new toy, and Sadie got puffs and bath coloring tablets. It was a fun, special, and memorable Valentine’s Day ❤

Tell me about your Valentine’s Day!



  1. Awwww, this is just so much fun!! We had a wonderful Valentine’s Day, and I’ll be blogging about it later this weekend (or Monday). 🙂 It was fun reading about your holiday. I agree, it can be such a simple – but memorable – day that’s perfect for making special memories.

  2. So adorable!! I’m glad that you enjoyed your Valentine’s days when you were young too! The cupcakes that you made for your neighbors looked absolutely amazing~ as always ❤️
    Love you beautiful MaMa.

  3. Oh this is precious! I’m so glad that you guys had such a sweet Valentine’s Day together. I love how you went all out and made each member of the family feel special and loved. 🙂

  4. Sounds like such a fun day, Allie! Valentine’s Day has always been my favorite since I was a kiddo, too. 😊 That was so sweet of you to make cupcakes for the neighbors & I LOVE that banner you guys made!! The questions for each person in your family was such a good idea, too!

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