Currently: February 2021

Hello and welcome to February! Here’s what’s current in my life this month.

Prayer journal and coffee

Current books In the Bible, I’m reading Ruth this month. Other than that, I’m kind of between books right now, so any recommendations would be lovely!

Current joy Planning out what we will do for Valentine’s Day. Here’s what we did last year.

Current fun Family dance parties! I came home from the grocery store the other night and Jimmy had music playing and he, Sadie, Niva, and I danced in the living room for a bit. Afterwards, Niva kept jumping up on Jimmy because she wanted him to keep holding her 😍

Family dance party with husky

Current food Peanut butter. I feel like peanut butter makes up about half of my diet and I’m not mad about it.

Current drink I bought pear juice at the store to switch up our usual orange and apple juice rotation and I have to say, it’s delicious!

Current TV Show Battle Bots. Jimmy and I just love this show! I never thought I’d be so into watching robots fight but here I am, lol.

Current baked good Sugar cookies. I made them for my sister’s baby shower over the weekend. Sadie was so confused as to why I was using her cup as a cookie cutter 😂 Also, I have to say the “messy bun and getting stuff done” saying is so true for me, lol.

Girl making sugar cookies

Current cuteness Sadie has just started to say exactly which books she wants to read before bed and it’s adorable to hear what she’s in the mood to read each night.

Currently looking forward to Gardening. I’m pretty sure I’ll be saying that in each currently post until May, when we plant our garden 😉

Current obsession Vlogging. Here’s the latest!

Current excitement Meeting my nephew next month. My sister is due at the end of March and I am super excited to meet her little guy!

A look back:
February 2018
February 2019
February 2020

What’s current in your life this month?

Do you have anything fun planned for Valentine’s Day?


  1. I love the vlog!! And the pic of you Jimmy Sadie and Niva literally made me laugh out loud for 5 straight minutes.
    This year we will be at our beach house for Valentines Day. Although it is a work trip, it will seem good to change things up and head to our home away from home.
    Love you!!

    1. Thank you for watching it! I’m glad the photo of us could make you laugh!! I think it will be fun for you guys to be at your beach house for Valentine’s Day! Definitely a nice change of scenery.

      Love you! ❤

  2. Looked like the baby shower was a nice one. New babies are so exciting and precious. A lot of birthdays in our family in March, so maybe Lawson will hit one of them, or just decide he wants his own!

    1. Thank you! They truly are so precious and bring so much joy! I am very curious to know when Lawson’s birthday will be, too! My mom mentioned we have a lot of March b-days!! ❤

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