Currently: February 2022

Welcome to month two of 2022! I hope everyone is having a good year so far and staying warm if it’s winter where you live 🥶

Here’s what’s current in my life!

Mom and daughter wearing matching gold dresses

Current excitement Valentine’s Day is this month! Are you doing anything special to celebrate?

Current drink I grabbed a 7Up at the store the other day and it was delicious. I think it has been years since I’ve had it and I always forget how refreshing it is. Do you have a favorite soda?

Current beauty product Lip balm. Cold + dry weather makes my lips so dry!

Current books This memoir about a career in coffee at Starbucks. Sadie is really enjoying all the flaps and stories in this book.

From Barista to Boardroom book with Starbucks coffee sitting on table

Current goal Sending query letters to literary agents for the book I wrote. I was telling my parents how overwhelming it is to research agents, write proposals, etc. and my dad was like “Just try and do one each day.” and I thought that was such a good idea!

Current laugh My mom, Sadie, and I were at Walmart together and I was in the restroom. Sadie was looking at the nail salon inside the store with my mom and a man was watching them and told my mom “Aww, mom! Take her to get her nails done!” … as in he thought my mom was Sadie’s mom 😂

Current craving A vacation somewhere warm, lol! I’m terrified of flying but keep finding myself looking at plane tickets to Florida because the ‘Burgh is currently freezing and covered in a thick blanket of snow, with more coming this week 🥶

Current baked good Rainbow cookies from my Etsy shop. They’re so bright and happy during cold winter days ❄️

gluten free rainbow cookies made with Fruity Pebbles

Current joy Just everyday family life with Jimmy and Sadie ❤️

Current mood Happy!

Current food Soup! I love making a big pot with beans and whatever veggies are in the fridge.

Current fun Sadie, my mom, and I decorated Mickey Mouse Valentine’s Day cookies. I was actually impressed with Sadie’s creativity. We had three bags of different colored icing and she took all three bags and used them at once. I wouldn’t have thought to do that! She also put goldfish crackers on her cookies, so there’s that 😂

Mom and toddler holding Minnie Mouse cookies

A look back:
February 2018
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What’s current in your life?



  1. It was sooo fun decorating the cookies, and hanging out for the day 🥰
    I can’t wait till you hear from a literary agent- such an exciting time.
    Loveeee youuu

  2. That memoir sound interesting! I’ve read some cool ones of former Olympic athletes, flugbt attendants, expats. Love reading books about interesting people lol

  3. Love the matching dresses at the beginning! I spy the same color under those coats! ❤

    The Barista to Boardroom book sounds really interesting!

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