More Snow, More Baking, and More Coffee

Pittsburgh got more snow! It snowed a bit on Sunday and then more on Monday. It feels like we’re living in a snow globe and it is freezing 🥶

Jimmy, Sadie, and Niva all adore the snow and I like it just fine, buuuut also wouldn’t mind living in Hawaii.

Father and daughter selfie in snow in Pittsburgh, PASiberian Husky laying in snow

Niva will often jump at the back door until we let her outside and then she goes and lays in “her spot” in the snow and watches cars go up and down our street.

She’s definitely her happiest when she’s running around in the cold! Meanwhile, you will find me under a blanket with these on (best invention ever?!) 😂

Coffee has been keeping me warm, though! There’s nothing like a hot cup of coffee in your hands first thing on a snowy winter morning.

Caribou Coffee in mug

I’ve been enjoying these k-cups lately. I usually like light roasts, but this medium roast is very smooth!

I make sure to get my light roast fix at Starbucks. It has been our little family tradition to grab coffee before church on Sunday mornings and we all look forward to it.

Clinking Starbucks coffee cups in truck

Toddler drinking Starbucks in carseat

Amy asked me if Sadie ever tried a steamer from Starbucks, so of course I had to order her one and she loved it! Sader Tot is one lucky chick. I don’t think I went to Starbucks until I was a teenager 😂

Speaking of Sadie, we have been trying to keep her busy during these cold months. Time outside, family movie nights, going to the library, and Lowes trips have been our saving grace.

Another way I’ve been staying warm lately is by using our oven as much as possible. Etsy orders, along with everyday cooking, and then baking for fun keeps our kitchen toasty and warm!

Biscotti drizzled with chocolate

Challah bread

What’s your favorite way to stay warm?



  1. I’m glad Sadie enjoyed the vanilla steamer! Ava loves them too. I should have mentioned that I usually ask for one pump of vanilla, just to limit the sugar a bit. I’m not sure how many pumps they usually put in (two?) but Ava tends to have a real sugar crash after a vanilla steamer if I don’t ask for just one pump. If the barista seems amenable, I even ask for half a pump. Not sure if they can even do that. Haha!

    I’m with you on preferring warmer weather. I’ve got it easy here compared to the cold you have in PA! Niva is so pretty. She looks in her element. I may have missed this because I’ve been remiss in reading blogs since last fall, but do you still have Malcolm? Rue was asking about him. 🙂

  2. Your pics are always amazing — and your Biscotti is the!!! Thank you for allowing me test some of your creations!!

    Sadie looks WAYYYY TOOOOO OLDDDD in the photo of her drinking starbucks (by the way – you’re both grounded – DUNKIN ONLY- HAVE I NOT BROUGHT YOU UP PROPERLY?!
    Love you beautiful mama

  3. Massachusetts has been soooooo cold this year, and Nate and I keep joking that we want to move to Hawaii too. Maybe we can finally be neighbors! HA!!!
    We’re currently in the middle of a snowstorm, so the family is all bunkered down for the day, relaxing. It’s cozy!
    My kids LOVE lemonaid from Starbucks!! And sometimes I’ll do a steamer with one pump of mocha (or vanilla) for them and it’s like a less-strong hot chocolate. They love it!! 🙂 I love your tradition of doing Starbucks each Sunday!

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