A Puppy Play Date and Yellow Jacket Stings

Hi! It’s currently Friday morning as I type up this post and I’m ready for the weekend! How about you?

This week has been a busy one, with lots of laughter, a little bit of pain, and tons of dogs. That could actually just be the description of my life though, ha 😉

Jimmy and I bought Malcolm a harness so he can hang out outside and go on walks and he is loving it. He has been constantly going to the door and ringing Mavis’ potty training bells to signal that he wants to go outside. Smart kitty!

Black cat with harness and leash outside

Mr. Malcolm visited the vet for his annual checkup last night and did great! We walked him down in his stroller, he got his shots, and the vet gave him a clean bill of health. We definitely got a few strange looks and comments because we had our cat in a stroller but I just tell people that’s what happens when you love your cat and don’t have children 😉

Speaking of children, our fur child Mavis had another play date with her havanese friend yesterday! She met a few other dogs, too, and is beginning to come out of her shell since the attack. It makes my heart happy to see her playing around without a care in the world.

While Mavis was out on her play date, Lola got a special treat! I had a dog walker come and walk her while Mavis and I were out and about. I’ve used Wag a few times and have always had a great experience. The app is pretty neat, too. The dog walker notes when your dog uses the bathroom, and GPS tracks their walk. Most importantly, Lola was happy!

Wag dog walking

Today I am bringing Mavis to the vet for her next round of shots, working, and pet sitting. I am finally back in my pet sitting groove. When we brought Mavis home, I took a week off of pet sitting to help her adjust. Since then I have slowly been adding my regular clients back to my schedule. I’ve even added two new ones, which has been great!

I might also make a run to the store for some hydrocortisone cream because I am itchy. Jimmy and I had an interesting run in with yellow jackets yesterday and we are both in quite a bit of pain.

I filmed a vlog that followed Jimmy and I along our day of taking Malcolm to the vet, getting stung by yellow jackets, and more, so I’ll share that below!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! We are having a little cookout with family tomorrow and I’m excited! We’re going to grill burgers since the weather is supposed to be nice here in Pittsburgh.

What are your plans for the weekend?
Have you ever been stung by wasps?


Socialization and Salsa

Hi and happy Wednesday! I feel like I’m totally confused on what day of the week it is this week. Our church is having its annual fall revival, which started on Sunday and ends tonight. It has been amazing to be at church, listening to great sermons, and hanging out with fellow Christians, but I feel totally confused on what day it is since we are usually at our church on Sundays and Wednesdays!

Anyways, I am sharing some snapshots and thoughts for today!

I am back on a button art kick! I’ve made a few canvases for friends and family and even button art in the shape of a pelican. I love crafting as a creative outlet. Working with my hands always helps relieve stress.

Blue and green C button art canvas

Mavis has been making some new friends lately! I brought her to my parents’ house on Saturday for a cookout and she got to meet Brandy (their cocker), Reggie (their labrador), Lily (their tabby cat), and Indy (my sister’s golden retriever).

At first, she was so afraid when I brought her in the house that she peed on me. Poor gal. I know that all of the socialization will pay off, even if it’s scary for her in the beginning. We took things slow with the introductions and by the end of the day, she was much less fearful!

Cocker spaniel puppy and golden retriever puppy

Mavis and my sister’s puppy, Indy! We trained them together on Saturday and it was absolutely adorable!

She also met two of my pet sitting clients, both of which are puppies. It was so cute to see her romp around with a havanese and corgi!

cocker spaniel and havanese puppy

Alright, enough about Mavis! How about a picture of some mums? I saw these while I was heading home from grocery shopping and just had to take a picture (I was sitting at a red light when I took the photo). I love doing things like that because it reminds me to stop and smell the roses… or take pictures of mums 😉

colorful fall mums

I can’t believe it is almost officially fall. I feel like the summer went by in a flash! It was a great one, though. Speaking of great, my brother and sister-in-law gave us some salsa that they made and canned with tomatoes from their garden and it is incredible. I hope they have more jars left because we’re almost finished with the one they just gave us!

Homemade salsa from garden in a mason jar

Guess who is going to the vet tomorrow evening? Malcolm! He’s due for his one year check up and booster shots. Jimmy and I are trying to decide if we should bring him to the vet in his stroller or borrow a carrier from our neighbor. Decisions, decisions!

Black cat sleeping in sunlight

Alright, I better get my day started. I have lots of work to do, along with a bunch of laundry to fold!

I’m thinking of doing a Q&A post soon, so if you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments!