Pregnancy Diary April 6th: First Prenatal Appointment

April 6th, 2022

Hi! First of all, here’s a picture from the ultrasound I mentioned in my last pregnancy diary post! We were able to see the baby and his/her heartbeat 😍

Early pregnancy ultrasound

I had my first prenatal appointment yesterday! I was a little nervous beforehand because Niva had jumped on my stomach a few days prior and I was worried she could have hurt the baby. Hearing baby’s heartbeat during the appointment was extra sweet!

My mom and Sadie came with me to the Midwife Center for my appointment and it was so cool to be back! The last time I had been there was in 2018, when Sadie was six weeks old. Bringing her with me to this appointment was a full-circle moment.

Dad and mom with newborn baby The day Sadie was born 🥺🥰

The midwife who saw me let Sadie help her with the doppler so we could hear the baby’s heartbeat and it was amazing! I absolutely love that Sadie was able to be involved. My mom was invited in, too, and she enjoyed hearing her seventh grandchild’s heartbeat.

Everything went well at the appointment: low blood pressure (normal for me, lol), we heard the heartbeat at 170 BPM, and I got lots of blood drawn (my hemoglobin and hematocrit are already low… classic 😂). Praise God for a wonderful first prenatal appointment! It still doesn’t feel real. Like, wait, we get to have another child? Really?! We are so, so excited and thankful ❤️

I love this little baby so much and I can’t wait to meet him or her. God has been so good to us. We’re just incredibly thankful He chose to give us another life to care for.

Family photo of mom and dad with toddler

Up next, I have the first trimester screening (bloodwork and ultrasound) later this month, and then my next prenatal appointment in early May!

I’m still feeling queasy, tired, and just not like myself, but thankful even in the hard moments. The return of coffee has helped. My best food and drink friends at the moment are: pretzels, tortilla chips, sparkling water, and any seafood. I can’t get enough seafood!

The nausea is usually bad in the middle of the night and early morning. I’ve woken up at 3:30 AM feeling queasy many, many times. I usually get up and eat and it helps. But then I’m up for the day and end up crashing hard by noon 🤣

I had a super bad headache earlier this week, but I went to the chiropractor and getting adjusted helped a lot. I am going to miss sleeping on my stomach in a few months, lol! My clothes still fit at the moment, but jeans are definitely a bit harder to button. I’ll probably be pulling out my maternity clothes soon. I’m blessed to be pregnant around the same seasons as last time, so a lot of the clothes I have will work perfectly!

Sadie loves kissing my stomach, patting it, and talking to the baby. She tells the baby hi, that she loves it, and each night she tells it to have a good sleep. It makes my heart so full it could burst! I can’t imagine how joyful it will be when they get to meet.

Okay, that’s the update for now! Thanks for reading 😊



  1. I love that Sadie has been talking to the baby and that you get to go back to your midwife’s office. What a blessing! Also seafood as a craving! That’s different and I love it.

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