Celebrating Caroline

My niece turns two tomorrow! My sister and brother-in-law had a birthday party for her at their house on Saturday and it was such a sweet evening.

Toddler playing with water table

All of the aunts, uncles, grandparents, and cousins went to my sister’s house to play, eat, and watch Caroline open up her gifts. She is so much fun!

She’s content to play by herself and goes with the flow. She has piercing blue eyes and white-blonde hair. Her voice is low and she speaks in full sentences now. She can climb anything and hardly bats an eye when she falls. She eats such a wide variety of foods and loves books, Paw Patrol, and her stuffed toy “bo bo.” She is Sadie’s very best friend and truly a joy to be around ❤

Toddlers playing in ball pit
Toddler meeting baby boy

As I was watching all the cousins play, I was thinking about the last birthday celebration we had at my sister’s house when I was expecting Sadie.

I never would have guessed that there would be five little ones running around with more on the way in such a short amount of time. What a blessing.

Paw Patrol Birthday Cake
Three generations of women

It’s also so interesting to see children develop their individual personalities at such a young age. God made us all unique and different right from the start. How neat is that?

I was watching Caroline open her gifts (we got her an archery set since her mom and dad are into it!) and was wondering what her 10th birthday will be like. What gifts will she want? What will her hobbies be when she’s 22? Will she still want red velvet cake for her 30th birthday?

Little girl playing with archery set

One thing I know is that Josh and Hannah are doing such a wonderful job raising their daughter. They’re focused on raising her in the Truth and helping her know Jesus. That makes my soul so happy and there’s nothing more I could want for my niece!

Happy birthday, Caroline! ❤



  1. It is wonderful to see all of you being so close, and enjoying being with each other. Family is a lot of what life is about. I love seeing all of your pictures, and watch your kids growing up!! Love you all!💕

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