The Best Books I’ve Read Lately and Other Randomness

Happy Saturday! Do you have anything fun planned for this weekend? I’m just popping in to share some books I’ve read lately and other randomness from my life 😬

Books and coffee

Okay, books. I recently finished this memoir and it was… I don’t know how to describe it?! Intense. Strange. Riveting. It follows a girl born into a wealthy family and as she grows up, her mother puts the family on a healthy diet that goes too far. The author grew up surrounded by luxury, but wasn’t allowed to enjoy basic foods.

I followed that up with this novel about an Amish woman whose husband is acting strange and then she discovers that he has a baby with another woman, but he tells her that the situation isn’t what it seems. His wife has put her dreams on hold to raise their family, and now she is asked to raise a baby that her husband had with another woman who isn’t even Amish. This story had lots of twists and turns and I really enjoyed it. I may be biased, though, because I love books about the Amish!

After that novel, I moved on to a newly published memoir written by Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo, who appear in the TV show Counting On on TLC. It gave an inside look at their lives and the hope they have in God and how that impacts all they do. It was wonderful!

I just started this memoir (you’re probably seeing a theme here… I really like memoirs πŸ˜‰) about a woman’s unusual path to becoming a mother of seven (now eight(!) since the book was published in 2020) through adoption and biological approaches and how God has moved in her life. I’m a few chapters in but already don’t want to put it down!

As for Sadie’s reading interests right now, she’s obsessed with Charlie the Ranch Dog books and has us read them over and over again. It’s a good thing they’re cute (Sadie and the books!).

So, I saw this tweet about life before and after kids somewhere on the internet the other day and had to agree, 100%.

Before and after kids meme tweet

I had one kitchen sponge and made the mistake of letting Sadie play with it last week and it went missing within the hour. I couldn’t find it for days and had to buy a new one. Just a few days ago I found it in one of her toy trucks πŸ˜‚

Other random things of note:

  • I bought a mini sewing machine for $35! Now to learn how to use it πŸ€”
  • Jimmy’s birthday is next week and I’m so excited to celebrate him!
  • I treated Niva to this squeaky toy made from fire hoses and she hasn’t destroyed it yet. Winning!
  • I have a fun little announcement to share soon (not pregnant, lol)! Just have to get my act together.
  • I was walking with Sadie the other day and realized she’s up to my hips. She’s getting so tall!

Aaaaaand, that’s all the randomness I have for today!

Have you read any good books lately?

Tell me something random!



  1. That book “Crave” sounds really intense, and I so want to read it now. Ha, ha! So crazy!!
    Can’t wait to hear your announcement! πŸ™‚

      1. Oh my goodness, I wouldn’t want you to go through that trouble. Shipping costs and all that. But you are seriously the kindest to even suggest that. You’re the BEST! I can check first and see if my library has it… I’m hoping it does! I really do want to read it!! πŸ™‚

      2. Okay, if you’re sure! If your library doesn’t have it I can ship it to you and you can just keep it or pass it on to someone else who may like it!

    1. It was so wonderful!! The husband and wife had two biological children and then felt called to adoption, so they pursued international adoption, then domestic, and then international again. After that, they wanted to have biological children again but battled infertility so they adopted two embryos and did IVF. After that (in 2020) they adopted another baby! I think domestically. The author did a great job at sharing the raw and real parts of her life and how God worked in and through her. It was a wonderful book!

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