Currently: May 2021

Yay for May! There are so many family birthdays for us this month, warmer weather is around the corner, and we’ll be planting our garden soon. Here’s what’s current in my life this month.

Toddler girl in rain boots and rain jacket standing by fenced-in garden

Current books Just started this intriguing memoir and am still working through this devotional journal. We’re reading through the Bible with Sadie (using her children’s Bible) and loving it.

Current drink I’m sipping on grape sparkling water as I type up this post and have also been loving our Nespresso coffee machine.

Current baked good I made brownies for a Bible study we went to and have been polishing off the leftovers. I love when brownies are fudgy and have chocolate chips in them.

Current fun My sister and I planned a surprise day with my mom and it went great. Us girls went out to lunch at Moe’s, did some thrift shopping, and then met up with our husbands (who watched the kids for us!) for a cookout at our house. We took the girls to a playground afterwards and it was just such a sweet, perfect day ❀️

Current laugh When Sadie is in trouble we call her by her first and middle name: Sadie Mae. She took her rain boots off in the grocery store parking lot last week and I said “hey!” and she said “Sadie Mae!” because she knew she was in trouble πŸ˜‚

Current food I’m on a kick with eating wraps for lunch. I usually put lunch meat or tuna salad and toppings in a tortilla and roll it up. It has been hitting the spot!

Current cuteness Sadie and my niece, Caroline, wearing matching dresses and playing at the playground while holding hands. Can’t even handle the cuteness with these two!

Toddler girls wearing matching dresses and holding hands at playground

Current excitement My brother and his wife are expecting their second daughter later this month. I can’t wait to meet my niece 😍

Current prayer For little Sader Tot to feel better. She has a case of the sniffles and is just so pitiful!

Current craving An empty calendar. A girl can dream, right? I feel like we have been extra busy lately and this introvert is ready to curl into a ball. Alone. For a month. Or two πŸ˜‰

Current joy Seeing Sadie and Jimmy’s relationship grow and deepen. Her little silky pajamas give me joy, too. Also, do any other parents have trouble keeping shoes on their kids? No matter where we are, what the weather is, or what we’re doing, she takes her shoes off as fast as she can πŸ™„

Current beauty product I’ve been using this 10-in-1 Hair Perfector spray because I saw the bottle said it “instantly transforms unmanageable hair” and I was like sign. me. up.

Current blessing Niva is romping around the yard with her husky friend at the moment. Hoping the playtime will get some of her energy out!

Current obsession Wearing rain boots with my little sidekick 😊 🌧

Mom and daughter wearing rain boots while walking

A look back:

What’s current in your life?

Do you like your brownies to be fudgy or cakey?



  1. I definitely love fudgy brownies! And the addition of chocolate chips to add just that bit of texture? Yes, perfection!!!
    All of these pics and the fun recap just made me excited for summer and all the things that comes with it. πŸ™‚

  2. Your pictures are all so amazing — just like our girls day together for my birthday! I loved every minute – and I’m sorry I cried in Moe’s bathroom because I was so overjoyed that you and your sister thought of such a joyous day for your ol’ mama.
    I am currently trying to build my spray tanning business up – which, as an introvert like you, will really be challenging. Its just so easy to say “no, its too hard” and make up one excuse after another as to why NOT to do it, but I can think of a lot more reasons TO do it! So, my journey begins. Pray, Pray, Pray!
    Brownies – hmmm, I think fudgy!! πŸ™‚
    I love you beautiful mama – oh, and your hair is absolutely gorgeous ALL THE TIME!

    1. Aww, thank you mama! We love you so much!

      You are doing awesome with your business and you can always practice your skills on me πŸ™‚ I will be praying for you!

      Yay for fudge brownies!

  3. I love fudgy brownies! I find it really hard to get the right texture when I bake brownies at home — fudgy in the middle and slightly flaky on the top.

    I hope you have a relaxing weekend ahead. I’m an introvert too, so I can definitely empathize with wanting to have some quiet time alone.

    May is a lovely month (it’s my birthday month too!), and how exciting that you’re planting your garden soon. πŸ™‚ We’re having very sunny days here but the temperatures still haven’t warmed up. My sister is away on a beach holiday in Northumberland (a county in the north of England) at the moment, and it was snowing there yesterday. She sent me a photo of one of my nieces outside catching snowflakes on her tongue. Snow in May! Wild!

    1. I agree; it’s hard to get brownies just right at home! I always find that I like a box mix, haha!

      So glad you can understand needing some quiet alone time. I sometimes feel bad about it, but I know it’s who I am!

      Aww, happy birthday this month! I hope it has warmed up for you by now and that hopefully your sister got *some* warm weather while she was away!

  4. The surprise day for your mom sounds like it was so fun! Such a gift to be so close as a family! ❀

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