A Nice weekend

Hello! How was everyone’s weekend? Mine was swell!

Things I did this weekend:
-Slept in
-Ran 13 miles (OUTSIDE.. warm weather!)
-Went to my church’s movie night
-Learned about comic books (random, I know)
-Studied + did homework
-Went out to eat
-Went to the Pittsburgh RV Show!
-Walked Lola at a local park

januaryThe weather in Pittsburgh was amazing on Saturday and Sunday. I’m pretty sure the temperature hit 70 degrees on Sunday afternoon.

The Pittsburgh RV Show was a lot of fun. Would you believe the picture below was taken inside an RV?!IMG_4843Why yes, that is a washing machine and a dryer. In an RV. Crazy!

IMG_484666Pittsburgh is so pretty at night. Love it.

 Hannah put Lola’s “hair” in a “ponytail” on Saturday and I thought it was the funniest thing. Lola didn’t. IMG_4840Poor thing 😉


Alrighty, I have to do some studying. Meteorology is killing me. I love it, but it’s also pretty hard. meteo lab activity 1Take this map for example. I had to “translate” it for a homework assignment. Scary times. I should probably get  back to work now!


Did you experience warm weather this weekend?

Bible verse of the day: And he has given us this command: Anyone who loves God must also love their brother and sister. 1 John 4:21


  1. My grandparents live in an RV like that in the summer. We always think it’s so strange because they have such expensive taste, but you can get all of those amentities in an RV which is really cool! I love going to boat shows so I’m sure an RV show would be really similar.
    Also, totally not complaining about this warm weather, although it is a little scary to think about why it’s been so warm.

  2. It was 80 here this weekend. I would say the weather was incredible, it was nice for January, but I think it will make people sick when it cools down later this week and it was a little warm for my run yesterday (I did not run until 10 AM). Sounds like you had a great weekend and very productive, the washer and dryer in the RV is nicer than the one at my house, lol. I think it’s fascinating to see what people can do with such a small space.

  3. RVs these days are seriously ridiculous. They can be nicer than some homes!
    It got up to 70 by me too! Aka I didn’t wear a jacket and had an amazing long run!
    Good luck on that homework too.. looks like a TON of fun =P

  4. I am LOVING the weather right now. Even though it’s rainy and I know the cold front is coming in, I am really enjoying these nice 50s temps!

    I wish I had an RV with a washer and dryer!! That’s so neat!

  5. It was warm here too, although warm for us was about 37 degrees. Ha, ha. But, hey, I’ll take it! 🙂 And that map looks crazy, so I’m impressed by your being able to translate it!!!

  6. My neighbors used to have an RV, and we would play in it sometimes! Some of those RV’s are really nice! And that picture of Lola is so funny! She really doesn’t look too happy though hahaha!

  7. This weather is absolutely crazy. Warm one day and freezing the next. Bright sunshine one minute, cloudy and snowing the next. I’m both a fan and not a fan…. Uhm meteorology looks insanely hard, props to you girl, big props. Awh Lola, so precious!

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