Sleeping in


Current book The Bible. I’ve been reading the beginning of Matthew and Luke to keep my mind on Christ’s birth.

Current food I’ve been loving graham crackers and dark chocolate chip cookies lately.

Current obsession Father-daughter dates. I just adore spending time with my dad.

We painted ceramics together! I blurred what my dad made because he's giving it as a Christmas gift to someone who reads my blog, haha.

We painted ceramics together! I blurred what my dad made because he’s giving it as a Christmas gift to someone who reads my blog, haha.

Current craving A day with absolutely nothing on my agenda. A girl can dream, right? 😉

Current confession I pulled clean clothes out of the laundry basket all last week because I didn’t get a chance to fold and put away the laundry.

Current drink I just finished sipping a vanilla almond milk latte as I began this post. It was warm and toasty and the perfect pick me up.

Current mood Pretty relaxed. I got through the busiest day of the year at work. Whew!

I made a cheese wreath at work last week for the family's Christmas party.

I made a cheese wreath at work last week for the family’s Christmas party.

Current beauty product Yes to Carrots Body Butter. My knuckles are incredibly dry and cracked to the point of being raw because I wash my hands so often at work. Every time I slather on the body butter it soothes my dry hands.

Current need I don’t actually need anything, but I wouldn’t mind getting another dog 😏. Maybe a cocker spaniel?


My parents’ dog, Brandy, as a puppy!

Current indulgence Sleeping in whenever I can. Jimmy and I slept until 8:00 am a few weekends ago.

Current procrastination Vacuuming. Does anyone else procrastinate on that? It doesn’t take me long to do it, but I always find ways to avoid it.

Current blessing The women at my church. I went to a cookie exchange on Saturday and the devotional, fellowship, and food were all amazing. Jimmy’s cousin, Katie, and I collaborated to make the favors. She made the most adorable baby Jesus ornaments and I contributed the angel cookies. It was such a lovely gathering.


Current excitement Jimmy and I are going to take a day off of work together soon and spend the day doing whatever. Cannot wait!

What’s your current obsession/craving/blessing/procrastination/excitement?


Current book Wild and Free by Hayley Morgan and Jess Connolly. I’m really enjoying it so far.

Current food Chickpea soup. I’m also going to make chili and cornbread this week. It’s one of my favorite meals.

mom's chili

Current obsession Filming vlogs. Totally obsessed.

Current mood Content. Feeling very blessed and thankful each and every day.

Current craving Seeing my cousin’s baby in the Pittsburgh Steelers outfit my mom and I picked out for her.


Current confession I slept in until 7:30 the other morning. I usually try to be up by 6:00. I guess I needed the extra sleep?

Current drink Hot coffee.


Current beauty product Yes to Carrots daily facial moisturizer with SPF 15.

Current need More time with my husband. Jimmy is so sweet, kind, hard working, loving, and fun. I wish I could spend every minute of every day with him.

Current indulgence Snuggling Malcolm. Taking pictures of Malcolm and Lola. Basically, anything that has to do with my fur babies.



Current procrastination Finishing my book. For the most part, I know how I want it to end, I just need to sit my hiney down and get to work.

Current excitement Planning Hannah’s bridal shower!

What’s your current book/excitement/beauty product/obsession?