Current book The Bible. I’ve been reading the beginning of Matthew and Luke to keep my mind on Christ’s birth.

Current food I’ve been loving graham crackers and dark chocolate chip cookies lately.

Current obsession Father-daughter dates. I just adore spending time with my dad.

We painted ceramics together! I blurred what my dad made because he's giving it as a Christmas gift to someone who reads my blog, haha.

We painted ceramics together! I blurred what my dad made because he’s giving it as a Christmas gift to someone who reads my blog, haha.

Current craving A day with absolutely nothing on my agenda. A girl can dream, right? 😉

Current confession I pulled clean clothes out of the laundry basket all last week because I didn’t get a chance to fold and put away the laundry.

Current drink I just finished sipping a vanilla almond milk latte as I began this post. It was warm and toasty and the perfect pick me up.

Current mood Pretty relaxed. I got through the busiest day of the year at work. Whew!

I made a cheese wreath at work last week for the family's Christmas party.

I made a cheese wreath at work last week for the family’s Christmas party.

Current beauty product Yes to Carrots Body Butter. My knuckles are incredibly dry and cracked to the point of being raw because I wash my hands so often at work. Every time I slather on the body butter it soothes my dry hands.

Current need I don’t actually need anything, but I wouldn’t mind getting another dog 😏. Maybe a cocker spaniel?


My parents’ dog, Brandy, as a puppy!

Current indulgence Sleeping in whenever I can. Jimmy and I slept until 8:00 am a few weekends ago.

Current procrastination Vacuuming. Does anyone else procrastinate on that? It doesn’t take me long to do it, but I always find ways to avoid it.

Current blessing The women at my church. I went to a cookie exchange on Saturday and the devotional, fellowship, and food were all amazing. Jimmy’s cousin, Katie, and I collaborated to make the favors. She made the most adorable baby Jesus ornaments and I contributed the angel cookies. It was such a lovely gathering.


Current excitement Jimmy and I are going to take a day off of work together soon and spend the day doing whatever. Cannot wait!

What’s your current obsession/craving/blessing/procrastination/excitement?

Blogging in between

It seems like Thursday is my blog day lately! Probably because I typically have Thursdays off from my regular job. I’m pet sitting two dogs today, so I’m blogging in between visits to the pups.

I just wanted to share some random pictures and thoughts from my life lately, as usual!

Let’s start with books, one of my favorite things to talk about.


I picked up a book from the Christian book store last week and I’m enjoying it. It was the first time I’ve bought a book in months and months, so it was quite a treat. Adopted for Life is about the priority of adoption for Christian families and churches. The author is great at relating adoption with how Christians are adopted into God’s family. It’s a pretty dense book, so I’ve been reading a few pages each day and really pondering the scripture references and the author’s points.

As I’ve mentioned before, adoption is something Jimmy and I talk and pray about a lot. I’ve had it on my heart since I was a young girl (and even mentioned it years ago here on the blog). As much as I want to just know what the future holds in terms of children, I am continually learning to trust that God has it all figured out. Whatever His plan is will be amazing.


Even at 10-years-old, Lola still keeps me on my toes. She hasn’t got into the garbage in months, so I’m sure you can imagine mine and Jimmy’s surprise when we came home from church and a quick pet sitting run at like 9:30 pm to find garbage all over the kitchen floor. Oh Lola, you are a goober!


My sister-in-law and I painted ceramics together this week. It was so nice to talk, laugh at our painting skills, and do something creative. I really needed that relaxation time, and I always enjoy hanging out with my sister-in-law!


I’m trying to start back up a little Sunday tradition that my dad and I had going before I got married. One of us would buy the Pittsburgh Post Gazette each Sunday and then share it with the other after they finished reading through it.

Jimmy and I stopped at a gas station to fill up his truck and I went inside to buy coffee this past Sunday afternoon. When I saw the newspaper near the cash register, I bought it and sent my dad a picture asking if he wanted me to bring it to him when I would see him at Sunday night church. Of course, he said yes. Tradition reinstated! I love my dad.

Alright, I’m off to pet sit and then I’m going to figure out what to bake to bring to an Origami Owl party tomorrow night. I’m so excited! I hope everyone has a great day 🙂