25 Things: Then and Now

I came across this 25 things post from 2016 and thought it would be interesting to fill it out again. It has been six years since I wrote that post and my life is drastically different than it was in 2016! Jimmy and I had been married less than two years, I was working as a pet sitter, and Lola was our only pet!

Now we have a sweet almost four-year-old, a baby on the way, a cool black cat (Malcolm!), and Siberian husky (Niva!). We’ve been married eight years and I work in the real estate industry, homeschool Sadie, and run an Etsy shop. Yep, it’s safe to say life is different!

So, let’s do this post again! You find both sets of answers below 😊

2016 I’m happiest when… I’m with dogs.
2022 I’m happiest when… I’m alone.

Sitting on couch with Daily Grace Co. Bible study on the book of Jonah

2016 …especially if… We’re on a walk with Jimmy.
2022 …especially if… I’m studying God’s Word or wandering aimlessly around Target. (more…)


Vacation Musings

Hello from the Outer Banks! We’re spending time with family at my parents’ beach house here in North Carolina and it has been such a fun trip thus far!

Mom and dad holding toddler girls's hands at the beach in the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

I thought I would share some thoughts and pictures while things are fresh in my mind. It’s always interesting to me how being on vacation feels like a totally different lifestyle and gives you a fresh perspective on things, you know?