A Day in The Life: August 2021

It has been quite some time since I wrote a day in the life post! The last one I wrote was in January, and the one before that was about a year ago, in August 2020.

It always surprises me how much my day changes over the course of a year or even a few months, so these posts are always fun for me to write and look back on!

Tuesday August 24th, 2021

6:10 am I wake up just as I hear Jimmy leaving for work. I usually like to wake up with him sometime between 5:00 and 5:30 but I never set an alarm and just wake up when my body (or the pets or Sadie) wakes me.

I pour a cup of coffee, grab my Bible and devotion book, and sit on the couch. Aaaand get back up just a few minutes later. I kick myself for not waking up earlier πŸ˜‚

6:17 am Sadie is awake. It’s too early for her to be up but she’s crying so I go into her room and get her. We hug for a minute and then head out to the kitchen to make breakfast. While I cook pancakes (for myself) and eggs (for Sadie), we play with her stamp set.

Sadie doesn’t eat her breakfast, so Niva gets a gourmet snack of scrambled eggs! I clean up the kitchen after breakfast by putting away clean dishes from dishwasher, changing out kitchen towels, and wiping down and sanitizing the counters.

7:00 am It’s baking time! I have a few orders for my Etsy shop today: two loaves of challah and six bags of granola. Sadie somehow drags her kitchen set out from her bedroom to the kitchen (aka across the whole house!) so she can bake right along with me.

Toddler making a mess in kitchen with husky

The kitchen floor quickly becomes a disaster zone, but I feel like Sadie is happiest when her toys are just strewn about so I let her do her thing.

I get the yeast activating for the challah, preheat the oven for the granola, and gather the ingredients for everything. I weigh the flour and sugar for the challah, knead the dough, and get it rising before beginning the granola.

There are a few interludes of Sadie making me an order in her kitchen. Today she put a toy lemon in a cup and gave me “wemonaid.” It was delicious πŸ˜‰

9:30 am Sadie asks to do some worksheets, so I set her up at the kitchen table and we do a few pages in this workbook while the granola bakes and challah dough rises. I alternate between helping Sadie and packing up orders.

Braid Bakery granola

11:00 am By this point in the day, Niva and Sadie have had enough of being cooped up. Mom guilt is setting in, too, because I feel bad I haven’t been able to give them my full attention while fulfilling orders.

I make a scavenger hunt for us girls to do together! I love that it gets us outside, Niva gets a walk, and Sadie does a fun activity.

Toddler on scavenger hunt

11:45 am We’re back home! Niva is panting, Sadie is finally hungry, and my challah is ready to braid. I cut up fruit for Sadie and make myself a wrap and a bowl of soup while I FaceTime with my mom. Then it’s back to challah braiding.

12:30 pm I bake the challah, cool, it, and get it wrapped up while Sadie and I play and clean up the house a bit.

Two loaves of challah bread

1:30 pm I put the orders on our doorstep for the postman to pick up and start to get Sadie ready for her nap. We read a few books, say a prayer, and then I cover her with a blanket.

As soon as she goes down, I start cleaning up around the house. I take the garbage downstairs, make the bed (better late than never?!) pick up stray toys, clean the kitchen again and start a load of laundry.

3:00 pm Sadie is awake. She usually naps longer, but I guess she just isn’t in the mood to sleep today? She asks for a baby food pouch and then I start working on dinner. I try really hard not to let Sadie have a lot of TV time, but she’s crabby and I need to get stuff done so it is what it is!

4:00 pm Jimmy is home from work! The TV gets turned off and we all catch up on each other’s day. We tell Jimmy all about our scavenger hunt, Sadie and I bathe, I swap out the laundry from the washer to dryer, and then put the finishing touches on our dinner.

Hello Fresh meal

I’ve been ordering Hello Fresh meal kits almost weekly lately and they’re so. much. fun. to cook! We love choosing and testing out the different recipes and it keeps us from having the same meals over and over again.

5:30 pm Dinner time! Sadie ended up eating oatmeal and a few sips of a smoothie πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ We pray, eat, and talk. I love when we’re all home together! After dinner we head outside and Jimmy, Sadie, and Niva play in the yard while I fold laundry on our outdoor table.

6:30 pm Jimmy’s dad calls and asks if he can drop by to say hi on his way home from a job he’s bidding in the area. He’s at our house within a few minutes and we all hang out while I get ready to go to the grocery store.

7:00 pm I drive to the grocery store to grab sandwich fixings because my aunt from New York is flying in the next day and is stopping by our house for lunch!

8:00 pm I arrive home, unload the groceries, and eat a cookie while Jimmy and Sadie clean up her toys and have a snack. Sadie was sad before I left and I told her I’d buy her something like a lollipop or other treat at the store and I thought she would forget but the first thing she says when she sees me is “You got a prize for me mommy?” πŸ˜†

I bought her a fancy Frozen nightgown on Poshmark a week or so ago that I was trying to save to give to her for her birthday in September but I just couldn’t help myself and I decided to give it to her as her “prize.” Jimmy just shook his head and laughed and I made a mental note not to buy Sadie anything for her birthday until the last minute because I won’t be able to not give it to her πŸ˜‚

Toddler in Elsa nightgown

She loved it! We sang Let It Go and danced for a minute and then read books, prayed, and put her to bed!

8:45 pm I get a bowl of cereal and a few other snacks and we watch TV for a bit before bed. Jimmy has been into a documentary on the Mars rover. Definitely not my thing, but he’s my person and if he wants to watch documentaries on space I am all for it!

9:30 pm We brush our teeth, let Niva out for one more potty break, and go to bed!

There you have it! There were some meh things in the day: I wish I would have spent more time in my Bible, got some real estate work done, and spent more focused time with Sadie and Jimmy, but also good things like getting orders shipped, doing a fun activity with Sader Tot, seeing my father-in-law, giving Sadie a little surprise, and snuggling with Jimmy before bed.

What does a typical day in your life look like?



  1. I love that she drug her entire kitchen set across the house so she could bake with you!! That is SO precious! ❀ I hope she sleeps in and naps better tomorrow. That sleep is so important for everyone!

    1. It was so sweet! She was quiet and I was wondering what she was up to and then suddenly she appeared in the kitchen with all of her cooking and kitchen stuff!

      YES to the sleep being important for everyone haha! We are driving on vacation right now and fingers crossed she sleeps a bit as we are spending a chunk of the drive in the evening/middle of the night!

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