Cleaning Mode and Almost X-Rays

After Niva’s brownie mix eating antics, I went into cleaning mode. The couch cushions were deep cleaned with this amazing machine, the floors were scrubbed, bedding was washed, windows wiped, and laundry done. 

Siberian Husky in living room

During my cleaning spree, Niva jumped off our bed and pretty much ran Sadie over at full speed. I heard a loud thud and then a cry. Poor Sadie was bleeding from her nose and mouth and pretty upset at being knocked down. 

She took a nap soon after and woke up looking swollen, black and blue, and downright puffy. I called our pediatrician’s office, and the nurse said the doctor might want to have x-rays taken of Sadie’s nose but would call me back with a sure answer after she talked with the doctor. 

I was supposed to head out for a work meeting, but wasn’t sure if we were going to need to take Sadie to the doctor’s office or somewhere for x-rays, so I stayed home. After about an hour, the nurse called and told me to keep an eye on her to see if the swelling increased or if she was having trouble breathing through her nose. If anything gets worse, they will want to have x-rays performed, but for now we’re just going to monitor her. 

Whew. It was just one of those days with one thing after another. After the cleanup and nose incident, Jimmy realized I washed his AirPods that were in his shorts pockets. Then Malcolm puked on the table while we were eating dinner. Then Niva knocked Sadie over again.

When hard days happen, I do a few things to try and get through them:

  • Pray. For patience, a better attitude, contentment, thankfulness etc. 
  • Talk to someone. For me, this is usually my sister, mom, Jimmy, or someone from our church.
  • Get outside. Something about fresh air always helps my attitude.
  • Reflect on what I’m thankful for. Shifting my focus from what’s hard to what is good is a game changer. 
  • Spend time in God’s Word. Often, I can look back on hard days and realize I hadn’t spent enough time in my Bible that day.
  • Laugh. Sometimes you just have to laugh at the craziness and remember it’s not forever. 

Something that made my day yesterday was a surprise package from my mom! She sent me this shirt and it came at just the right time. Thanks mom! You are the very best 🙂

Faith racerback tank top from Amazon

It’s a new day and Sadie woke up looking less swollen. Niva only ate a box of tissues in the night instead of a box of brownie mix, and I haven’t washed any electronics. I think it’s going to be a good day 🙂

What helps you on hard days?

Our Dog’s Sweet Tooth + Swimming + Best Way to Wake Up

Temperatures have been in the 90s here in Pittsburgh lately, so Sadie and I took a dip in our neighbor’s pool yesterday.

Toddler in life jacket by pool Mom and daughter ready to go swimming

We have been very blessed with wonderful neighbors. They help us with Malcolm when we go out of town, let us go swimming in their pool, and have become cherished friends to us over the past six years.

Swimming with Sadie totally had me missing swimming on the swim team. I swam competitively from middle school through a bit of college, was a lifeguard, and taught swim lessons. It’s funny, though, that I don’t feel like I can teach Sadie to swim and would rather sign her up for lessons?!

Have I ever mentioned that Niva has a major sweet tooth? She has consumed sticks of butter, bags of chocolate chips, dozens of cookies, and last night she had a new first…

Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate Brownie Mix

Yup, she ate a box of brownie mix in the middle of the night. That was a fun time at 2:00 am with Jimmy, cleaning up brownie mix and watching Niva have a major case of the zoomies from all the sugar.

Today will be spent mopping the floors and deep cleaning the puke off our couch. And wishing I had those brownies, because man do they look good!

Just the other day I had to laugh because we had cookies cooling in our bedroom with the door shut because we can’t cool them in our kitchen. Nowhere (including on top of the refrigerator) is safe from our Cookie Monster husky!

Cowboy cookies cooling

While I was at the grocery store buying the aforementioned brownie mix, Jimmy was home with Sadie when she woke up from a late nap. I checked on her on our baby monitor and found the scene below.

Dad in crib with baby

I think Sadie thought that was the coolest way to wake up from a nap 🙂

Do you enjoy swimming?