Showered With Love

Jimmy and I had our baby shower on Saturday, and wow, what an amazing day it was!

Young couple smiling

Our families planned this sweet afternoon for us, and we could not be more thankful for their hard work and dedication to making the shower so fun, beautiful, and filled with joy.

The shower was hosted at our church, and was catered by a local Italian restaurant. My sister made cookies, we ordered some from a local bake shop, and I made strawberry cupcakes with vanilla buttercream.

Decorated baby shower cookies for baby girlBasket of cookiesBaby shower dessert table for baby girl with cupcakes and decorated cookies pink and yellow

My sister-in-law was in charge of decorating, and she made such beautiful arrangements of daisies and mint sprigs in vases with lemons.

My mother-in-law and Jimmy’s sister made adorable succulent favors, and my mom and I came up with a little advice card for each guest to fill out. Jimmy and I have loved reading through all the funny and wise advice our guests jotted down for us.

Daisy centerpieces with lemons and mint sprigsBaby shower advice cards and succulent favors for baby girl baby showerWatch me grow succulent favor with burlap for baby girl baby shower

We enjoyed a delicious lunch and caught up with all of our guests. We were so overjoyed that so many people wanted to come and celebrate the impending arrival of our little girl. What a huge blessing!

We also spent some time opening gifts for our daughter, which was so much fun. She has been provided for in so many ways, from her basic necessities, to cute clothes, and the immense love our friends and families have for her.

Most of all, God has sustained her sweet life for 33 weeks now. It’s just incredible to think about how cared for and loved she already is.

Couple opening gifts at baby girl baby showerMother and daughter pouring punch at baby showerSisters smiling at baby showerCouple opening gifts at baby shower

What a sweet, sweet day! Afterwards, we headed home with our baby girl’s gifts and started to go through everything and felt crazy blessed and spoiled all over again.

Things are definitely starting to feel more real, and we cannot wait to meet our little one. God has been so, so good to us!


A Few Favorites

Hey hey! It’s currently Thursday morning as I type up this post and I think I have the pets all settled in and relaxing (for now…). Does anyone else have animals that are just straight. up. hyper. first thing in the morning?

Black cat sitting in laundry basket

I have to take my fasting blood sugar right when I wake up and every day, without fail, Malcolm tries to knock my lancets, test strips, or glucose monitor off the table while I’m pricking my finger, haha. Then I’m also trying to wrangle Mavis and Lola… one of which is barking, whining, wanting to go outside, trying to jump on the couch, chasing Malcolm, or begging for food. Our little zoo is a wild place to be in the morning!

Something I’ve been trying to remind myself when I get overwhelmed with the animals is that I can choose joy and contentment, even when things are crazy. Would I like our house to be quiet and clean? Yes. Would I like to start the day without chasing after animals the second I get out of bed? You bet.

Black lab mix and cocker spaniel puppy with bandanas

These animals are mine and Jimmy’s fur babies and we love them, even when they’re crazy. Instead of getting frustrated when they’re acting up, I remind myself what our pets mean to me, and give thanks for the joy they’ve brought to our lives. Am I perfect at this? Nope, definitely not. It’s a work in progress, and I’m okay with that. It’s a blessing to live with our little fur balls, and I never want to forget that, even during the hard moments.

Alright, off of that tangent and onto a few favorites from lately!

1. Walmart grocery pickup.

Walmart Grocery Pickup

I’m still going strong with ordering our groceries online from Walmart and picking them up. I’ve found the whole process to be super easy, simple, and convenient. I really like that I can see exactly what the bill will be while I’m shopping. It definitely helps me stay within our budget!

2. Full Circle Detail Brush. 

Full Circle detail brush for cleaning

Is anyone else a cleaning nerd like me? I don’t know what it is, but cleaning makes me so happy. There’s nothing like giving the sink a good scrub and getting it all shiny or mopping the floors until they gleam. I just love it.

I bought this detail brush for cleaning the kitchen and immediately ordered another one for the bathroom once I used it. The top part is a scrubber and the bottom is a scraper-type tool that’s amazing at cleaning crevices.

3. Homemade laundry booster. 

Borax, arm & hammer washing soda, and felts naptha soapHomemade laundry booster made from borax, washing soda, and fels naptha soap

Okay, one more cleaning related favorite! I made homemade laundry booster last weekend and it’s making our clothes smell amazing. It was pretty simple to put together, and I don’t think I spent more than $10 on all the ingredients. Is anyone interested in the recipe?!

3. Shark Week and Battle Bots. It’s Shark Week this week!! Enough said, right? Jimmy and I have also been enjoying watching Battle Bots on the Discovery Network each Friday night. Do you have any favorite TV shows?

4. Mavis is feeling better! 

Cocker spaniel puppy with cone

Little May May has been recovering so well from her surgery. She has been such a good girl with keeping her cone on and definitely has her energy and spunk back. I’m taking her to have her stitches removed on Monday morning, so hopefully all goes well with that!

5. Grace, Not Perfection. Remember how I said I picked up a few new books and Grace, Not Perfection by Emily Ley was one of them? It’s such a great book! I’m really enjoying the fact that it’s so interactive, with spaces to write and reflect on the author’s writing and prompts. I definitely recommend it!

I feel like I could share a million other favorites and updates, but this post is long enough! I’m off to start my day, which is probably going to include real estate work and wrangling animals 🙂

What’s a favorite of yours lately?