Mordecai at Three Months

Our little buddy is now three months old! He’s becoming more aware and knows what he likes and doesn’t like nowadays.

Three month old baby boy smiling in crib

Here’s how Mordecai is doing at three months!

Growth 13lbs 6oz and 24 inches. Not sure what percentiles he’s at because I just weighed and measured him at home–no doctor appointment this month!

Wearing 3-6 month clothes and size 2 diapers.

Three month old baby boy sitting on grandpa's lap

Eating Mom’s milk. We’re still nursing on demand and it’s going well! He is now distractible while eating, especially if he hears Sadie’s voice 😂

Personality Happy, sweet, and content. He’s a joy!

Nicknames Morde-Chai Latte and Morde-Cry when he cries.

Three month old baby boy sitting on rocking chair

Sleeping He sometimes wakes up once per night and sometimes wakes up three times a night. He goes right to sleep after eating, thankfully! In the day, he usually takes about two solid naps and then does some cat naps in between.

Looks like Sadie when he’s sleeping. Everyone else tells us he’s my twin, which is so fun! I sometimes see a resemblance to my brother as a baby, too. His eyes are still blue and I’m not sure about his hair?! It seems light brown at this point.

New skills He rolled from his belly to his back once (Feb 1st) and he’s a pro at sucking his little hands.

Baby boy wearing gray hat with Pom Pom ears

Likes Sadie, being held facing out, his play gym, warm baths, eye contact, and eating.

Dislikes Being in his car seat in the car, loud noises, being startled (he is so easily startled!!), and being cold, tired, or hungry.

Favorite products Magic sleep suit, portable sound machine, play gym, and sit me up floor seat.

Other notes Mordecai went swimming for the first time this month and loved it! He celebrated his first Valentine’s Day, too ❤️

We noticed Mordecai was spitting up a lot, had green stools, and then had a few bloody stools. His doctor suspects he has milk soy protein intolerance (MSPI) or cows milk protein intolerance (CMPI), so I’m on a no dairy/soy diet at the moment. It seems to be helping a bit! After a few weeks, we will try reintroducing either dairy or soy and go from there.

Last but not least, Mordecai has his neurologist appointment later this month and a physical therapy evaluation early next month for his shoulder/arm being weak after having shoulder dystocia at birth.

That’s everything for Mordecai at three months! I know I sound like a broken record, but he’s truly a blessing for our family and we love him so much 🖤


    1. He is a joy and blessing to our entire family!! I still do not have a nickname for him (which is crazy!) I’m so glad he’s a happy and healthy thriving little guy with an amazing big sister and parents that show him so much love ❤️
      Love you

  1. Wow three months sure went by so quick! I think it’s so sweet that he hears Sadie’s voice and stops nursing looking for her!
    Love 💕 You!

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