Baby Zottola’s Nursery

I have a feeling Jimmy and I will never truly be “done” working on Baby Z’s nursery, and I’m totally okay with that! As I mentioned in a post about overhauling our master bedroom, I feel like a room becomes stagnant when you consider it fully decorated. I think we’ll always be changing things as our little chicka grows and we find a rhythm with how we use her space.

With that said, there are some things we want to add to her room–a mirror, more shelving, blinds, some art, etc., but I’ve put off sharing pictures long enough! As I mentioned in a previous post about the nursery, our daughter’s room was our home office. We cleared everything out and this is what it looked like before we got started.

Nursery before picture

And here’s what it looks like now.

Baby girl nursery

Jimmy did so, so much work in here! He installed new flooring, painted the walls and ceiling, installed new baseboards, put in a new door and painted it, installed a ceiling fan, put together all the furniture, and painted and designed the closet space. He continually impresses me with his skills, handiness, and creativity.

All I had to do was come up with design ideas, wash and put away her clothes, and organize all the wonderful gifts we were so generously given at our baby shower.

Here’s a little tour of the space!

Baby girl crib and bedding from TargetFuzzy gray Nicole Miller rug on wood floorBaby girl crib bedding from Target Cloud Island

One of my favorite details of our daughter’s room is the gray rug above. I just love the texture and how cozy it makes the space feel. I can’t wait to see her crawling around on it in a few months!

Our pets love it, too. So much so that Mavis has already peed on it. Gotta keep it real here on the blog 😉

Gray rocking chair and white side table in baby girl nurseryWood changing table from Target Baby Relax Ridgeline with Burt's Bees changing pad cover in Blossom stripeDrawer filled with Pampers diapers, Seventh Generation free and clear wipes and Babyganics foaming hand sanitizer

We have a little rocking chair nook all set up for nighttime feedings, and one whole drawer of her dresser/changing table is devoted to diapers, wipes, and hand sanitizer–you know, the essentials.

The rocking chair is another favorite item of mine in the nursery! It’s super comfy and everyone who visits loves sitting in it and rocking.

Baby girl bookshelf in nursery from IkeaBaby girl pacifiers and headbandsBaby girl nursery bookshelf from Ikea with fabric and steel baskets

Baby girl’s bookshelf is stocked with a random assortment of toys, blankets, books, bibs, swaddles, pacifiers, headbands, burp cloths, a play mat, and her diaper bag. We kept her toys up a few shelves because the pets are very interested in her rattles and balls!

Also, I can’t wait to see her using the “I ❤ Daddy” pacifier if she likes pacifiers (apparently my siblings and I would spit them out… sorry mom and dad!), lol.

Baby girl nursery closetBaby girl closet with clothes and wood barsBaby girl nursery closet clothing dividers

The closet looks so different now! It was previously a dingy shade of blue with a metal rod and random shelving at the top.

Jimmy built and installed shelving and rods and painted it a fresh coat of paint. My mom bought us these little closet dividers which are such a cool invention for keeping Baby Girl’s wardrobe organized.

Blue and white painted door in baby nurseryCoral painted ceiling with food ceiling fan and blue and white painted door in baby girl nurseryCacti art from Hobby Lobby watercolor in wood frame with cactus and succulent and coral color

Last but not least, we have the door, new ceiling fan, and some artwork! The door was 100% Jimmy’s idea (as was painting the ceiling; he’s so creative!) and I think it looks great. The cacti watercolor is actually something I’ve had for a few years now, back when I wanted to paint our office a peachy-coral color. It’s still one of my favorite pieces of artwork in our house.

I think that about wraps up the little tour of our daughter’s nursery. As I mentioned above, we have a few finishing touches to add, but it’s pretty much ready for our little one! We feel so blessed to have this sweet space for her and cannot wait to meet her soon, Lord Willing!



  1. The nursery is SO stinking cute! Your daughter is going to be so lucky to sleep live there! It looks SO cozy! I also agree with you, about a room never being fully decorated! ❤

  2. oh my gosh, I am SPAZZING over here. This is so stinking cute!!! SO CUTE. I don’t even know what to say.. wow.. you guys did such an awesome day, and that is one lucky baby girl! What a beautiful, cute, adorable, perfect room! Thank you so much for sharing, Allie!

  3. Oh my goodness, I love it!!! You guys did such a great job! It’s so cozy looking and adorable. Putting together the nursery is such a sweet way to prepare for your little one’s arrival. Soon!!!

  4. I love her nursery so much!! You and Jimmy did a fantastic job to welcome your sweet little bundle. I am sure she will feel safe, snug and cozy in her beautiful bedroom that was built by such loving and caring parents.
    Love you beautiful Mama~

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