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Independence Day, first harvest, and other fun things

Happy Independence Day! I feel incredibly blessed to live in the United States of America. Sometimes I think about this country and just smile. It’s an amazing place to be. Americans have been blessed with so much freedom and so many opportunities. I never want to take this country for granted.

Fourth of July

Jimmy, Lola, and I will be marching in a parade with our church this morning. In the evening, we plan on watching fireworks.

Was anyone else deathly afraid of fireworks when they were little? Any time my family would watch fireworks, I would cover my ears, close my eyes, and be seriously freaked out. I’m glad things have changed, haha.

Jimmy and I harvested the first vegetables from our garden last week! Two zucchini and a cucumber. I’m making zucchini boats for dinner this week and plan on using the cucumber in salads. We’re way behind on weeding, so I’m hoping to squeeze in some garden time this week.

I have a thing for coffee mugs. I always gravitate towards them in stores. Before I went to Savannah, I bought Jimmy this mug and filled it with candy and notes for each day I was gone as a little care package. Once I got back to Pittsburgh you better believe I snatched his mug, even though it says “mine” and I gave it to him. I’m such a nice wife ūüėČ

Coffee Mug

Whenever I walk Lola in the summer, we usually walk past this one house that has a ton of tiger lilies. The flowers poke through the fence, and it’s absolutely¬†gorgeous. I finally gathered up the courage to creepily stop and take a picture so I could share it with you guys.

Tiger Lily Fence

I wish you could see it in person because it’s just stunning.

Last but not least, I have to share a picture of my favorite chocolate lab, Haley. A post isn’t complete on my blog without a dog picture, right?

Pet Sitting

She’s such a sweet, happy girl!

Are you celebrating Independence Day?

Do you have a favorite coffee (or tea) mug?

A day in the life

I’m becoming more¬†accustomed¬†to the new semester at school so I thought I’d do a “day in the life” post for all you creepers out there. I looked back through my blog and saw that I did this last fall semester, last spring semester.

So, this is a typical Tuesday or Thursday for me:

6:00-6:30AM Wake up. I set my alarm for 6:30, but sometimes I wake up earlier. I’m a morning person through and through. My first thoughts are usually: wow I have to pee, I’m so thirsty, or I want breakfast.¬†I’m pretty boring as far as breakfast goes… I have cereal, peanut butter, and coffee almost every single day.Random fact: I like to eat my cereal in a coffee mug. Moving on now..

I eat breakfast first thing and then get on with my life by reading my Bible, getting ready for school, and doing any last-minute homework or studying.

I usually wear awkward things. Like peacock shirts.

7:30-11:00 School and commuting. I leave for school at 7:30 to arrive by 7:50 and my first class starts at 8:00. If I’m feeling tired, I’ll buy a regular coffee with half ¬†and half from the cafe at school.

From 8:00-9:15 I have anthropology. I’m learning about humans and culture. It’s pretty interesting. From 9:30-10:45 I have conflict resolution. The class is about resolving conflict and it gets pretty heated (as in button-pushing conversations). I really enjoy this class too. After school I hop in my truck and head home.

11:00-12:00 Lunch. Yeah buddy! I usually grab something quick, like leftovers, and then I let my food digest for a little while while I talk with my mom about life and stuff (she works from home as a real estate agent for our family’s company).

12:00-1:00 Run time. I usually spend an hour either running or running and weight lifting. It just depends what I’m in the mood for and how the weather is looking. I try to get out on local trails.That is my “secret entrance” to a trail about 2 minutes from my house.

1:00-5:30 Afternoon funzies. In the afternoon I do as ¬†much homework as I can, have a snack, journal, and try to walk Lola if I have time (which I usually don’t on Tues/Thurs).

5:30-7:30 Work. I leave for work at 5:30 and arrive around 6:00 to set up all of the bikes (I’m a Spinning instructor). Class begins at 6:15 and ends at 7:00. I get home around 7:30. I really, really love my job!

7:30-9:30 Night stuff. After work I heat up whatever my mom made for dinner, finish any homework or studying, and just relax before I hit the hay. I love going to bed early ūüôā


That’s pretty much a typical Tuesday/Thursday for me!

Bible verse of the day: Finally, all of you, be like-minded, be sympathetic, love one another, be compassionate and humble. 1 Peter 3:8