Independence Day, first harvest, and other fun things

Happy Independence Day! I feel incredibly blessed to live in the United States of America. Sometimes I think about this country and just smile. It’s an amazing place to be. Americans have been blessed with so much freedom and so many opportunities. I never want to take this country for granted.

Fourth of July

Jimmy, Lola, and I will be marching in a parade with our church this morning. In the evening, we plan on watching fireworks.

Was anyone else deathly afraid of fireworks when they were little? Any time my family would watch fireworks, I would cover my ears, close my eyes, and be seriously freaked out. I’m glad things have changed, haha.

Jimmy and I harvested the first vegetables from our garden last week! Two zucchini and a cucumber. I’m making zucchini boats for dinner this week and plan on using the cucumber in salads. We’re way behind on weeding, so I’m hoping to squeeze in some garden time this week.

I have a thing for coffee mugs. I always gravitate towards them in stores. Before I went to Savannah, I bought Jimmy this mug and filled it with candy and notes for each day I was gone as a little care package. Once I got back to Pittsburgh you better believe I snatched his mug, even though it says “mine” and I gave it to him. I’m such a nice wife 😉

Coffee Mug

Whenever I walk Lola in the summer, we usually walk past this one house that has a ton of tiger lilies. The flowers poke through the fence, and it’s absolutely gorgeous. I finally gathered up the courage to creepily stop and take a picture so I could share it with you guys.

Tiger Lily Fence

I wish you could see it in person because it’s just stunning.

Last but not least, I have to share a picture of my favorite chocolate lab, Haley. A post isn’t complete on my blog without a dog picture, right?

Pet Sitting

She’s such a sweet, happy girl!

Are you celebrating Independence Day?

Do you have a favorite coffee (or tea) mug?



  1. I have a few coffee mugs I won at races and I regularly use those. We have sets of pretty matching mugs but I’d rather drink out of the old one that I won (haha). I love that it says MINE on Jimmy’s mug :).

    Hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend!

    1. Haha, Jimmy and I are the same way! We got a set of matching mugs for our wedding and we always use the random ones we have bought from traveling or received as gifts, etc!

      Thank you! My weekend has been busy and lovely. I hope yours was awesome 🙂

  2. Awww, have fun in the parade!!
    AND I love that mug too. I totally would have taken it for myself as well…. Ha, ha! I’m sure your hubby didn’t mind sharing. Hee, hee. 🙂

  3. Happy Independence Day Allie! Zucchini sounds really tasty, I want to make “zoodles” once this summer. Everyone seems to rave about them. My favorite mug is now the 26.2 mug my best friend gave me in a “good luck” package before my first marathon. She is fantastic!

    1. Thanks, Ellie!! I have heard of zoodles, but I’ve never tried them before! You’ll have to blog about them when you get a chance to make ’em!

      How sweet of your friend to give you the 26.2 mug before your marathon. So sweet!

  4. Yay for the first harvest! Good luck with the weeding. It’s amazing how quickly those weeds can get out of control huh?

    I didn’t care for fireworks as a kid either. And I don’t especially like them now really. Big displays, like at a ball park or something, are fine, but I don’t like it when people in the neighborhood shoot them off.

  5. Hooray for your first harvest! How exciting!

    And girl, I have such a thing for mugs. It’s ridiculous. Like you, I gravitate toward them every time. I just can’t help it, ha!

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