From Lola with Love

Hi everyone. It’s me, Lola.

I decided to take over my fur-mom’s blog today. She thinks it’s funny to dress me up in my fur-dad’s work t-shirts. I don’t get why she thinks it’s so funny. I look cute, don’t I?

Lola in a t-shirt

I didn’t mind playing dress up because my fur-mom made it up to me by taking me to Starbucks for a Puppuccino. It was so delicious that I decided to hop up to the passenger seat of her truck and lick the whipped cream off of the other drink she bought.

Lola at Starbucks

What can I say, I like my sweets!

So, I was recently posing for a picture and my fur-mom snapped it right as I blinked. It kind of looks like I’m sleeping while sitting up.

Lola Sleeping

She really needs to work on her photography skills.

Well, I’m going to wrap this post up. I need to protect my favorite couch. Have a great day!

Couch time

From Lola with love ❤



  1. Aw- those are great pics of Lola!! She did great when she spent the night here… Slept in the closet like old days!! She got along with Reggie
    And Brandy great!!! I really miss her so it was great having her overnight 🙂
    Love you both😘

  2. Hi Lola,
    This is Sterling, Ellie’s cat. Today was 91 degrees, yet I still tried to lay on mommy’s belly and give her heat rash. I just wanted to cuddle 😦
    I also supervised as she cleaned the bathroom. Maybe I will try to keep it clean for a few days…but I just love getting in the shower!


  3. Hi Lola! This is Rue, commenting from Amy’s account. You are so cool. I don’t really know any dogs except my uncle Teddy, but I’m convinced you and I would be great friends, if we met. I’m going to tell my uncle Teddy to have his dad take him to Starbucks for a Puppucino. What a clever drink! I wonder if they have a Catucino option….


  4. You keep that couch safe, Lola! Get it, girl! 😉 Also, I love that you had the whipped cream off your mom’s drink. That made me laugh!

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