Currently: May 2019

Yay for May! I am looking forward to so many exciting things this month. The start of the gardening season, welcoming two nieces, seeing my sister graduate from nursing school, and celebrating Jimmy’s birthday! I have a feeling it’s going to be a good month 🙂

Current book The Bible and the book I’ve been reading for the moms group I’m co-leading. Sadie has been enjoying this book a lot lately. She enjoys it so much that she always tries to eat the felt flaps, lol.

Current fun Spending time outside enjoying the spring weather in Pittsburgh.

Current app Our baby monitor app, Lollipop. Now that Sadie is sleeping in her crib more(!!), it’s fun to see what positions she falls asleep in. I felt bad she fell asleep with her leg poking out of the slats of her crib, but I also didn’t want to wake her up to move her. It was quite the conundrum.

Baby sleeping in crib with leg out of crib slat

Current tv show Anything real estate related. Jimmy and I often put Sadie to bed and watch an episode of Island Life, Buying Alaska, Hawaii Life, or pretty much any show where people tour and buy homes.

Current blessing Sadie. I love seeing the world through her eyes. She inspires me in so many ways.

Current obsession Buying matching outfits for Sadie, Remi (my brother and sister-in-law’s daughter), and Caroline (my sister and brother-in-law’s daughter) for when Remi and Caroline arrive this month!

Carters baby girl cat dresses with bloomers matching

Current goal Getting the garden ready for planting later this month. I have a lot of weeding ahead of me, lol.

Current joy Birds, birds, and more birds. The obsession is at an all time high! The other night Jimmy said “Allie… step away from the window… I saw you look out there like fifteen times in the past minute” haha.

Current food Jasmine rice! I’d never tried it until recently and now I’m hooked. Also having lots of salmon, wraps, chocolate pancakes, corn on the cob, and runny egg sandwiches lately.

Uncle Ben's Rady Rice Jasmine Rice

Current baked good I made an apple pie over the weekend! I need to pick up some yeast because I want to make soft pretzels with honey mustard dipping sauce. We ate at a restaurant in the Outer Banks with a pretzel appetizer like that, and I’ve been dreaming of recreating it ever since.

Current excitement Meeting my nieces this month. I’m constantly thinking about the moment I get to lay eyes on them and I cannot wait!

Current laugh Jimmy came home from work while I was feeding Sadie in her nursery. He wanted to hang out and talk with me, but there was no where comfortable to sit so this happened…

Guy inside of baby's crib

Current baby product Pacifier clips. Sadie doesn’t take a pacifier, but we’ve been using the clips to attach toys to her so she doesn’t drop them on the floor 🙂

Current pet product Friskies Lil’ Soups for Malcolm. I randomly bought one on a whim and he loved it!

Current project Jimmy is making steel edging for our back and side yard landscaping!

Steel edging around rock and mulch landscaping with corten steel

Tell me something current in your life!

A Sign, Back to Coffee, and Cleaning

Thank you to everyone who commented on my last post about our crazy weekend! We’re feeling much better and even back to drinking coffee. Just in time to enjoy our new coffee maker!

I gave Jimmy the K-Elite Keurig for Valentine’s Day and we have both been thoroughly enjoying it. I felt a little bad getting him a gift that both of us would benefit from buuut I knew he’d love it and our old Keurig was on its last leg. Plus, his Valentine’s Day gift for me is to take me out to eat and we both benefit from that, so…. 😉

Speaking of Jimmy, check out the sign he designed, created, and installed at his work!

In case anyone is new here or doesn’t know, Jimmy works for his family’s business as a steel fabricator. I guess the shop was due for a new sign, so he made one that could attach to one of their landscaping boulders.

He’s pretty awesome 🙂

See Sadie’s face? That’s the face of a baby who spent the day cleaning with her mama!

We’ve been sanitizing all. the. things. in our house and she has been such a champ about being put in the baby carrier while I vacuum, mop, and fold laundry. I’ve also been putting away Sadie’s 0-3 and 3 month-sized clothes and trying not to get overly sentimental… but how is she almost five months?!

Other random things of note
-I’m eating a frozen chocolate chip cookie as I type this post and it’s really good. I’ve never had a frozen cookie, but I was too lazy to defrost it. I’ve decided I need to eat cookies like this more often.
-Sadie has really been loving the “Babies Love” lift-a-flap books and I’m currently looking for a good read. Any suggestions?
-I’m going to a baby shower on Saturday afternoon for a friend at church and I’m so pumped! She’s having a little boy 🙂

Do you have any fun weekend plans?

Have you ever ate frozen cookies?