Ice skating

One of my favorite things

Hello! How was your weekend? I did one of my favorite things this weekend…IMG_4898Jimmy and I went ice skating! I love, love, love ice skating. People in my life who are close to me think it’s funny that I like ice skating because I dislike being cold and I usually hate moving at fast speeds (in vehicles, etc.), but I love ice skating super fast like a speedskater.

Jimmy even tied my skates for me. What a gem.

Jimmy even tied my skates for me. What a gem.

I also attended Pittsburgh World of Wheels this weekend. Jimmy loves cars as much as I love ice skating, so we both had an enjoyable weekend. Some of the cars from the Batman movie were at the show because parts of the movie were filmed in Pittsburgh. Batman CarsPghI just had to take some pictures of Pittsburgh because the view from the convention center was nice. This photo was taken on my iPhone with a fisheye lens. I love photography.


Sorry I haven’t been blogging as much. Life is just busy lately!

School is pretty tough this semester, but it’s a good tough. I’m in a lot of classes for my specific major (journalism), so I have been learning about things that will hopefully apply to my future career… whatever that will be.. haha.

lifeI have been spending a lot of time studying, learning, snacking, running, and stretching. I have found that running is such a stress reliever from school work. I love to just zone out on a run and think of nothing and everything at the same time.


So, life is busy, but it may become even more busy because today I have an interview for a possible internship that I’m really, really excited about.

I’ve been praying about it–not that I will get the internship–but that I will be happy with whatever is in God’s plan for me.

Sometimes I think about all of the things I have to do, and it really makes me miss the calmness of winter break, but it makes me think about Ecclesiastes 3, and how there is a season for everything in life. That chapter in the Bible really comforts me!


Well, I’m going to get started on some homework and hope that the ice covering the streets of Pittsburgh has melted by the time I have to leave for school!!

Have a great day!


Weekend snapshots

I had a nice weekend.

Things I did:

  • Went ice skating with my church youth group
  • Saw The Hunger Games (!!)
  • Went to Steak and Shake
  • Celebrated my mom’s birthday
  • Ran at a local park
  • Attended church
  • Walked Lola
  • Did homework and studied

I’m not ready for today to be Monday.

How was your weekend?