Life Lately

Hi! It’s been a while since I last blogged. Life has been full lately, and in the very best way. It’s now December, which blows my mind a little bit. I’m pretty sure it was just August yesterday, right? I’m not complaining, though, because I love Christmastime and all the joy it brings.

The icing on the cake–or gingerbread cookie?–is the warm weather Pittsburgh has been experiencing lately. We haven’t had snow yet, but I think we may actually get some tonight.


Plus, when the morning sky looks like this, how can I not be thankful for every moment of my life?

So, life lately. I think I’ll share a bullet-point style list and some pictures to go along with it. Does that sound good?

Recent happenings:
-I took Hannah’s senior pictures. Loved every second of it.
-Jimmy and I are still trucking along with our closet room renovations.
-We had family visit from NY. This prompted a thorough house cleaning 😉
-Jimmy and I watched Hannah swim in a meet near our house. She did great!
-We hosted Thanksgiving. Nine people in a 900 square foot house requires lots of logistics.
-I have started to decorate for Christmas. We actually bought a tree this year, haha.
-Jimmy and I watched The Nativity. It was truly amazing.
-I had a fun time Christmas shopping with my sister-in-law and father-in-law’s girlfriend. We went to Charming Charlie, which is such a fun store.
-Jimmy and I got Christmas pictures taken. I will share them soon 🙂

I think that’s everything?! How about some pictures?

22273269633_54b01785f1_k (1)

One of Hannah’s senior pictures. I took it in my parent’s backyard. It was tricky to figure out places in their yard that I could photograph Hannah and not have another house in the background, but we made it work and had a blast in the process.

Hannah Swim Meet

Hannah swimming at her meet! I actually got in trouble for taking pictures “on deck” (where the swimmers stand) and promptly got moved to the stands. Whoops. I forgot that I’m not a swimmer anymore, thus I’m not allowed to be on deck. I still got a few good shots though ;).


I purchased a wood burning kit from Jo-Ann Fabrics a few months ago. I decided to make a Christmas tree and add our last name on the stump in the kit. When I started, I was just awful at wood burning. I don’t know why?! Needless to say, Jimmy saved the day and finished for me. Thanks, Jimmy!


Thanksgiving was spectacular. We had a warm day and great company. We hosted my father-in-law, Jimmy’s siblings, my father-in-law’s girlfriend and her son, Jimmy’s grandpa, and my sister-in-law’s boyfriend. It was nice to just kick back after the meal and chat over pumpkin pie and coffee. By the end of the night, Jimmy and I were exhausted. We plopped on the couch and watched Ratatouille, which was random and perfect. I had to work on Black Friday, which was a bummer since Jimmy didn’t have to. I changed my attitude pretty fast when I remembered how blessed I am to have a job and how much I enjoy it!


Our first Christmas tree is up and decorated! We got it for a great price at Pool City. We were prepared to spend a bit on a nice tree that would last us for years and picked this one out. The worker in the store said he had this same tree, except that it was last year’s, in the back of the store all opened up and put together. He gave us last year’s tree (I’m thinking it was the store model?) for $50. Score! We got our ornaments and tree skirt from Target. I made some decorations, but our mantle is looking a bit sparse. Maybe I’ll share pictures soon?

Alright, this post is getting pretty long and I need to get ready for work. Hope everyone is doing well!

How was your Thanksgiving?
Are you excited for Christmas?

Absentee Me

I have been a bit of an absentee blogger lately, and for that I apologize! When the weather became colder, Jimmy and I started discussing indoor house projects we wanted to work on. One of the most pressing things we discussed was painting. When we bought our house, all of the walls were powder blue except for the kitchen and living room (which are a dingy off-white…). We’ve been living in our house for over a year, and we’re pretty much done with outdoor projects for 2015, so we are now focusing on small indoor renovations like painting.

We decided to paint what we have dubbed our “closet room,” which is one of the bedrooms. The closets in our house are pretty tiny, so we just used an empty bedroom as a walk-in closet. When we moved in, we bought an Ikea wardrobe, and put it in the closet room. It worked, but it was also huge and hulking in the tiny bedroom.


In order to paint the closet room, we had to pull the wardrobe away from the wall. Then Jimmy was like “Let’s just sell this and install shelving on the wall.” and I was more than happy to go with his plan. He then suggested we do a complete overhaul of the room before installing shelving, including:

– Sanding and re-staining the hardwood floors
– Installing new baseboards
– Painting the walls
– Painting the doors
– Installing a new light fixture
– Installing new door knobs

So, we’ve been at it for a few weeks and we’re finally getting close to finishing! Jimmy has been doing everything himself, and he’s working on making the shelving after work today. I feel incredibly blessed to have a husband that is so capable and knowledgeable about household things. He inspires me because he has never done some of these things before (like sanding and re-staining the floors), yet he just dives in and goes for it. I try my best to help, which usually means painting and staying out of his way.

The floor mid-sanding

Things have been a little disheveled around the house, which can drive this organization freak nuts. We sold the wardrobe (which paid for the project we’re undertaking-yay!), so we had no where to put our clothes. I’ve had to be creative with finding places to put our clothes and shoes. Needless to say, almost every room in the house is storing some item of clothing. I know it will be worth it all in the end, though! I will make sure to share pictures of the whole process, too.

Along with the closet project, I’ve been pet sitting a lot lately (I think I say that every time I blog, though?). I watched five dogs last weekend, and I have three this week. Love it. Jimmy and I also had my mom, Hannah, her boyfriend (!!!), and his friend over this weekend (at seperate times, if that makes sense?), which was a blast. My mom and I made Christmas wreaths. Yes, it’s probably a bit early, but Christmas is less than two months away now. I can’t wait!


What have you been up to lately?

Do you get ready for holidays early?