Outdoor renovation

Fall wreath

A Quick Front Porch Refresh

When I sat outside to read my Bible this morning I definitely noticed a slight chill in the air. It had me thinking of this verse in Ecclesiastes…

There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens. Ecclesiastes 3:1

The changing of the seasons happens every few months, each year, without fail. God is so consistent, and that’s one of the many attributes of God that I am continually amazed about. The sun? It rises each morning and sets each night. All the while, God slings beautiful sunrises and sunsets across the sky. He is steady, unfailing, and creative. 

I mentioned in my last post that I was torn on decorating for fall, so I decided to at least decorate our front porch and refresh it a bit. Jimmy laid Sadie down for a nap and I got right to work! Here’s what I did:

  • Put up a fall garden flag
  • Spray painted a planter black
  • Took down our summer decor
  • Bought a container from Dollar Tree and drilled holes in the bottom
  • Planted mums in the Dollar Tree container
  • Put up our fall wreath

How about a few photos?

Planter DIY with spray paint

Fall wreath

Mums and fall garden flag

I filmed a short video of the whole process, which is here in case you want to watch! All in all, the little refresh took about an hour and a half and was so enjoyable! Now I’m thinking I should do something for our backyard because we hang out there a lot. 

When I came inside from the front porch, I found these two cuties sharing the couch! 

Husky and owner sleeping on couch together

What’s your favorite season? –> Mine is summer!

Do you enjoy decorating? –> Yes, especially with plants and flowers. 

Huskies and Cats + Back Patio Progress

One of my biggest worries before we brought Niva home was that she wouldn’t get along with Malcolm. I’ve heard that Siberian huskies and cats aren’t a good mix because huskies have a high prey drive for small animals. It was definitely a gamble to bring Niva home to a cat without knowing how she or Malcolm would react, but we had a few things going for us:

  • Niva is a very submissive dog
  • Niva is a puppy
  • Malcolm is a very friendly cat
  • Malcolm has been raised with dogs

Siberian Husky and cat sitting together

It’s totally true that Siberian huskies have a high prey drive. They are also pack-oriented dogs. I think Niva saw Malcolm as part of her pack when we brought her home, so she doesn’t hunt him. 

If you’re considering bringing a husky (or any breed of dog, really) home to a cat or vice versa, I would take into account each animal’s age and temperament before making any decisions. It’s definitely possible for cats and huskies to live together, and it’s amazing to watch them play and live in peace and harmony when they do!

Okay, onto our back patio renovation progress. I wish I had more before pictures, but I snuck into my archives and found this one below from a post I wrote in 2014(!). Our back patio area had wooden railing and a canopy with wooden beams and a ceiling made out of…. I don’t know?!

We eventually took the old canopy down and would put up the one below when we had gatherings at our house.

Lighted pop up canopy at night

Jimmy took down the old railing and posts and put up steel beams. 

Back porch with steel columns and porch swing

He then painted the beams, made and painted new railing, and added some landscaping.

Back porch with black steel columns and black steel mesh railingsBack porch with landscaping, rocks, and mulch and steel mesh railing

Then, it was onto the canopy! It looked like this on Saturday before the boys got to work.

Steel beams for canopy in backyard

It looked like this last night while we ate dinner outside for the first time in a long time!

Black steel canopy for yard that looks industrial and modernSteel canopy painted black

Next, we will be working on a little outdoor kitchen area. Can’t wait!

Tell me about your latest project!