Friday Thoughts

1. Baking. Yesterday I made oatmeal cookies from one of my favorite cookbooks and whipped up a batch of challot (challah knots) earlier this week. I’ve been having the hardest time finding yeast in stores. Has anyone else had that problem lately? I used up the last of my yeast supply on the challot but they were so worth it!

Challot Challah knots

2. Fall Decorating. We’ve been having some rainy weather here in Pittsburgh the past couple of days and it’s making me feel like fall is slowly ushering its way in. Do you decorate for fall? I have in the past, but I don’t know if I will this year.

In a spurt of minimalism, I got rid of a lot of outdated fall decorations in 2018 and now I have just a wreath and one wall hanging. I enjoy decorating, but I don’t know if it’s worth the money end effort for fall. I like the idea of Sadie having warm memories of the house decorated for different seasons, though. Hmmm. What’s your opinion?!

3. Vlogging. I’ve been having so much fun vlogging lately. There’s just something about looking back on what our days looked like a week, month, or year ago that is so special. Our latest vlog is here and includes gardening, cooking, baking, cleaning, and a trip to Sam’s Club!

Mom and toddler daughter smiling

4. Reading. I think I’ll always want to talk about reading. I just finished up this book by Beverly Lewis and added it to my growing list of Amish-based books I’ve read and enjoyed. 

5. Niva. Niva has been doing so well since being spayed! She somehow got her cone off all by herself so we decided to give her some freedom and see if she would bite at her stitches and she hasn’t so far. She goes for her followup appointment on Monday and I’m so thankful this has been a good experience and that her days of going into heat are behind us 🙂

Fall decorating: yay or nay?

What’s the last thing you baked?



  1. I do fall decorating. Makes our home feel warm and welcoming. Mainly fall wreaths/pumpkins!
    Just baked zucchini bread today for my mother in-law. Of course I had to have some to make sure it tasted ok! 😂
    Beverly Lewis is one of my favorite authors. Allison and I met her a few years ago and she autographed our books.

    1. I know what you mean about the home feeling warm and welcoming! I love a good wreath and pumpkin… or two… or more 🙂

      Yum to zucchini bread! Definitely have to taste test 😉

      How neat that you met Beverly Lewis! She is a fabulous author!

  2. I do fall decorating, and I’ll actually be posting a decor post on my blog soon! I don’t do a ton – as we’re minimalist when decorating – but I probably do more than most. HA! I also don’t have a lot of money for decorating, so I just buy one new item every year. Knowing that I’ll just get one thing, I am careful about what I buy (I go for items that will always be in-style and that will last). I also make sure I have a spot in mind to put the item or wreath before I buy it. So I don’t just grab something to grab something. It took a few years to gain a collection, but now I have quite a few adorable objects that make our home feel cozy. 🙂
    Now I need to do the same thing with Christmas, because I actually don’t have a lot of Christmas decor.
    Maybe make it a family tradition to pick a new fall item for your house! It’ll make the memories and decorations that much more special. 🙂
    Yeast is finally back in our grocery stores, but bread flour can be hard to find… It’s so strange that there are items still not readily available. I hope you find some yeast soon!!

    1. Yay! I can’t wait to see your fall decorating post! I am pretty minimalist, too! I love, love, love your idea of getting just one new item a year so that you are picky about what you buy AND have all the amazing memories!

      Also, I found some yeast! Woo hoo!

  3. I hope you can find some yeast soon! I couldn’t find that here for the longest time! Now it’s generally back in stock, but I do have trouble finding bread flour (like Nicole mentioned). The challots look amazing! Remind me, did you ever do a tutorial on challah bread making? If not, this is my official request that you do a step by step guide! Either video or photos. I haven’t made challah in such a long time and every time you post about it I remember how much I loved it. I think I’ll make it this fall and I want all the pro tips! 🙂

    I sometimes decorate-ish for fall. If I do, it’s usually just for the month of October because it’s still 90 degrees in September here and come November 1st, it’s time to think about decorating for Christmas, haha! And as you well know, Christmas decorating basically takes over our whole house for 3 months. 😉

    1. I finally found yeast! Flour has been tricky for me, too!

      I totally need to get on with the challah tutorial!

      I love how much you guys decorate for Christmas! It makes me so happy. Do you start on November 1st or after Thanksgiving?

  4. I love the vlog! Sadie is getting so much more interactive while you’re taping 😎
    I don’t really decorate for fall~ maybe a wreath and some flowers and pumpkins. The last thing I baked was chocolate chip cookies 🍪
    Love you!!

    1. Hahaha, she really is quite the chatterbox while I vlog! Remember when we made wreaths together for fall? That was a blast!

      Glad you got to bake some cookies without Niva stealing them 😉

      Love you!

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