Fall Decorating

What do you do on a Saturday during Labor Day weekend when your husband goes mountain biking for the day?


Decorate your house for fall! Even if it’s close to 90°F and fall isn’t technically until the end of September ;). I found myself with a free Saturday afternoon(!), so I decided to get in the fall spirit by pulling out last year’s decorations and making a quick trip to the craft store for a few new ones.


I found some birch vases at the store, so I bought one and filled it with some fake flowers to make my own little floral arrangement, somewhat similar to the wreath project my mom and I did a few years back!


I also picked up some wooden decorations to paint, which was fun. I don’t like how the leaf turned out because I think I used too many colors, but I do like the turkey! Jimmy was home at that point and saw my camera laying on the table so he decided to take a picture of me in my happy zone.


I tried to adorn more rooms this year to spread the festivity around the whole house instead of just our living room. Our house is pretty small, but I still feel like I could add more ;). I guess I just like crafting and decorating! I’m glad I decorated earlier this year (versus late October last year, ha), so I can actually enjoy all of the decorations before the season ends!


Do you decorate for the seasons? How far in advance do you start?



  1. I decorated for Fall last night :). Put our little wreath on the door and pulled out all the Harvest/Halloween stuff. I’m already pretty excited even if it’s still in the 90s here.

  2. I did the SAME thing this weekend… and it was just as hot here!! 🙂 Fall is just my favorite season, so I’m always excited to make the house feel festive for the most colorful (and delicious) season. I don’t have very many decorations at this point, so my goal is to buy one new thing every week. Ha, ha. So far, I have a wreath and a few odds and ends.
    I purchased some gel clings for the window last week and some autumn hand towels this week. I didn’t even think about the craft store, but – now that you mention it – I think I need to take a trip there myself.
    P.S. I LOVE the way your leaf turned out!! I think both that and the turkey are perfect!!

    1. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who got excited for fall when the summer weather is still in full force!! I’m not ready to kick summer out (not after the winter we had…), but fall is just such a fun season! You’re right that it’s the most festive and delicious season! Remember last Thanksgiving when you had your dinner in the hospital after having Brady?! (Am I remembering right?) That was so cute!

      I’m sure you’ll collect lots of decorations! Wreaths are some of my favorites! I always love gel clings, too! I hope you get a chance to stop by the craft store and thanks for the compliments on my paintings 🙂

  3. I don’t decorate but my roommate does so I cannot wait to help/see what she does 🙂 I think we could get really crafty for Halloween!

  4. Your home looks so festive for fall! I always make sure to clean things up and put a new wreath up or change floral arrangements, etc but I have never gotten as intricate as you have! Well done 🙂 #welcomefall

  5. Your fall decorations are lovely! I decorate about a month before most holidays or a week or two early for season changes. Except for Christmas. I have been known to decorate for Christmas in mid-October, haha!

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