August Photography Challenge Part II

Continuing on with the August photography challenge, I’m here to share pictures number 10-21 from the photo prompt!


10. What you wore


Scratches from pet sitting.

11. Landscape


An urban landscape. Pittsburgh has some amazing murals!

12. From a distance



13. A bad habit


Not putting dishes in the dishwasher.

14. Clouds


They were wispy!

15. Green


Swiss chard in our garden. Definitely one of my favorite varieties of greens.

16. High angle


17. Low angle


18. Your shoes


19. Something blue


20. Dinner tonight


Something with tomatoes, perhaps?

21. Summertime




  1. I am loving this challenge! It’s so cool to see what you come up with! 🙂 That bracelet is really pretty!

  2. I forget, was Lola your parent’s dog that came to live with you and Jimmy? I know you two got puppies but gave them back…what is the story of Lola?

    1. The story of Lola! So, I got her from a local humane society for my 14th birthday. I lived with my parents until I was 22, and when I got married and moved out, they said they wanted to keep Lola so their puppy, Brandy would still have a buddy. So, Jimmy and I got two Siberian Husky puppies after being married a month (while I was still finishing college and doing an internship) and having just bought a home. It was rough, and we wanted them to have a better life than we could give them at that time, so we gave them back to the breeder. I was SO sad. My parents noticed how said I was and asked if I wanted to have Lola, and I was like YES! So I brought her to mine and Jimmy’s home in August of last year. She only lived apart from me for 1.5 months, but it felt like an eternity. She is truly my best buddy! So, that’s the story of Lola 🙂

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