Two words per picture

I have a small collection of pictures to share, and I’m keeping the words short today! I’ve done two posts like this before (here and here), except those posts had four words per picture. I stepped up my creativity game and only used two words per picture. Enjoy!


First houseplant.


Internship city.


Crinkle cookies.


Laughing husband.


Challah. Holla!


Slept over.


Lookin’ regal.


Mums (from) mum.


Sweet surprise.


Love him.


God = good.


  1. I like this post (sorry I won’t be leaving a 2 word comment). Hooray for you almost graduating, it seems like I remember a lot of your college years from reading here.

    Also, your yard is huge! I’m kinda jealous that you have all that space. Our yard is like a patch of grass and not much else. Suburbia problems!

    1. Thanks for not leaving a two word comment, haha! You’re right, I have blogged through all of my college years except the first two months of my freshman year. Crazy! You seen all the ups and downs, too!

      Thanks for the compliment on our yard. We love it! Most of the time… except when we have to mow, haha. It takes over an hour!

  2. Your first houseplant is super neat! And I love some good challah bread – yum! Congratulations on graduating this semester! SO exciting!

    1. Thanks, Rach! I was so scared to buy it because I thought I might kill it, buuut I haven’t.. yet! Yay for challah! It’s just the best 🙂

      Thanks for the congrats! I can’t wait!

  3. I love this post! The two words are very clever 🙂 Will you post a link to those cookies soon? They look delicious! I’m loving the eye candy – pretty house plants (what is it?), yummy food, adorable pets, and cute couple. It’s such a great life, isn’t it?

    Congrats on graduation soon! You must be ridiculously excited!!

    1. Thanks, Patty! Here’s a link to the cookies:

      I made them kind of out of desperation. We were having people over our house, and I wanted to bake cookies, but I didn’t have any time to run to the store and grab butter. We had Country Crock Spread on hand, so I checked out some of their recipes and Jimmy now claims these are his favorite cookies. Ever. I was so surprised, haha!

      The house plant is a ponytail palm! I love looking at it. It makes me want to go down South, though!

      I am SO beyond excited to graduate. I just can’t wait to not have homework!

    1. Thanks, Hollie!! I’m pumped about it, too! I feel like I’m in such a good place right now. I feel so, so blessed! I will have to take some pictures around our house. It’s so sad looking though… we have done no painting or decorating, haha!

  4. I always find it so reassuring how authentic your blog is – you don’t just show the cookies and flowers and smiles, but the studying and hard work which enables you to enjoy your life!

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