A Less Scary Snowman + Saturday Happenings

The morning stated out with coffee and my Bible. The best combo out there. I’m still studying the birth of Jesus in Luke and really enjoying it.

To make up for Sadie’s snowman fear, we made a less scary snowman together.

Toddler holding up snowman craft

That’s her “smile!” face, haha. So cute. Also, she chose her outfit again and this time it was pajamas + a rain jacket 🙂

Our Saturday included family snuggle time in our bed in the morning, then in Sadie’s bed after her nap. If you look close enough, you can spot Malcolm nestled up to Sadie.

Family snuggling in toddler bed

Jimmy and I also enjoyed Starbucks coffee, he went to a Nerf battle at our church, and I got some reading in during Sadie’s nap.

I’m almost done with this book and it has been engrossing. Up next is this, which I’m excited to dive into! Me + a book = happiness 🙂

Girl sitting on couch reading

Our neighbors stopped by and gave Sadie an Elsa doll as a Christmas gift this afternoon and she hasn’t let it out of her sight since then. We have truly been blessed with the most wonderful neighbors.

Girl hugging Frozen Elsa doll

Sadie’s new doll inspired her and Jimmy to watch Frozen II this evening while I got some real estate work done and folded laundry.

And that takes us to now. I need to coax Niva out of the snow (she’s literally sleeping outside… living the husky life) and into the house and then I’m going to try and squeeze in more reading before we hit the hay!

Tell me about your Saturday!

All Sorts of Exciting Things

Hello! I hope everyone had a nice weekend. Ours was filled with all sorts of excitement. 

First of all, my sister had her anatomy scan on Friday and it’s a boy! My first nephew! I am beyond excited. Hannah and Josh are naming him Lawson. Also, he was healthy and doing great. God. is. good. 

Jimmy, Sadie, and I had our second family movie night on Friday. We watched Frozen this time. Sadie sings “Let It Go” so adorably. Her version sounds like she’s saying “Ladel-doooh!” and I love it.

Family watching a movie on the couch

On Saturday, my sister put on a Mary Kay party at my parents’ house and we had a blast fellowshipping with ladies from our church and trying out different skincare and makeup products. 


Hannah has that pregnancy glow going on!

After the party, Hannah, Josh, and their daughter went to Cracker Barrel with us for dinner and then we went to the thrift store to check out all the boy clothes 🙂

Sadie and Caroline had almost as much fun running around the store as Hannah and I did looking at all things blue, lol!

Toddlers in clothing store with hats on

Our Sunday was spent at church in the morning, gearing up for the week by cooking and cleaning in the afternoon, and then back to church in the evening. 

My dad taught the Bible school lesson in the morning and did an awesome job discussing John 15

Preaching and teaching at church

The evening sermon was fabulous, too. It was all about the Bible and just how cohesive and inerrant it is. It’s filled with 66 books that were written by 40 authors in three languages over 1,500 years. There’s no book like it! 

Tell me about your weekend!