All Sorts of Happiness

Thanks for all of the support on my last post! I was so nervous to talk about my little adventure for some reason.

I’ve been having lots of fun and am hoping to add a new flavor to the shop this weekend (think banana bread in granola form 😍) In the meantime I’ve been shipping out orders and smiling so hard.

Girl holding packages

Nine Things Making Me Happy Lately

Sharing a few things making me happy lately!

1. Bible time. Our house is rarely quiet, but 5:00 am is probably the most silent it gets. You’ll usually find me with a mug of coffee, my Bible, and a notebook to take notes. 

Bible and journal with coffee

2. Heirloom recipes. I got a surprise package in the mail yesterday. My aunt sent me a few recipes that were my grandma’s and great grandma’s. I can’t wait to try them out! 

3. Cornbread. Yup, cornbread is making me happy, okay?! I hadn’t made a pan of it in a while and this one definitely hit the spot. Niva supervised the whole process from start to finish, lol. If you’re a fan of cornbread, do you like it sweet or no? I’m a big fan of the sweet kind! My favorite recipe uses honey to make it sweet.

Cornbread and husky

4. Naps. Sometimes you just need a good nap, you know? Are you a fan of naps?

5. Teaching Sadie about Christmas. I’ve been going over the story of Jesus’ birth with Sadie this week and it’s such a joy! We read Baby Jesus and acted it out with her nativity set. 

Little People nativity set and Baby Jesus board book

6. Conversations with strangers. Sadie and I were in Dollar Tree yesterday picking up a roll of wrapping paper and a lady shopping nearby saw Sadie and they had a cute conversation. 

-Lady: Hi! Are you helping mommy shop?

-Sadie: Mhmmm.

-Lady: What do you want for Christmas?

-Sadie: Umm, snacks?

7. My dad and Sadie. My parents watched Sadie on Sunday between the morning and evening church services and my dad and Sadie took a nap together. 

Toddler and grandpa taking a nap together on couch

8. Baking. I’ve been baking up a storm this week and loving every second of it. Do you do any baking or treat-making for Christmas? 

9. A new book. I’ve been wanting to learn more about essential oils and I found a book that shares scripture references for oils mentioned in the Bible and how they were used. It also has great information on safety as well as remedies and recipes. 

Essential Oils of the Bible Book

Tell me something that has been making you happy lately!