All Sorts of Happiness

Thanks for all of the support on my last post! I was so nervous to talk about my little adventure for some reason.

I’ve been having lots of fun and am hoping to add a new flavor to the shop this weekend (think banana bread in granola form 😍) In the meantime I’ve been shipping out orders and smiling so hard.

Girl holding packages

Lots of other happy things have been going on. Yesterday was Jimmy’s birthday! Sadie and I baked him cupcakes and cooked his favorite meal for dinner.

We also surprised him with an Edible Arrangement that we sent to his work with a balloon and chocolates and he thought that was pretty cool 😎

Edible Arrangement fruit in vase

The other happy thing is happening as I type up this post. It’s garden day at the Zottola Zoo! We picked out our plants and supplies at Lowe’s and Jimmy is tilling the garden with our rototiller while Sadie plays in the dirt.

After he finishes up tilling we are going to get our seedlings into the ground and I’m beyond excited! We got a fun mix of vegetables and even an herb. I’ll share more in my next post 😊

Father and daughter at Lowe's buying plants for garden

On a totally different note, I wanted to share a paragraph from this book that I just finished up. I read it and sat there and was like woah, amen. What a great reminder.

Do you garden?

What is one thing that made you happy today?



  1. I LOVE that chapter that you shared!!
    Your business venture is SO exciting!!!!
    AND that picture of Sadie and Jimmy with all the plants could not be any cuter!

    1. Yay! I’m so glad you liked that! Thanks for supporting my little business venture! That means the world to me 🙂

      The picture of Jimmy and Sadie is my new favorite!

  2. Banana Bread Granola sounds AMAZING!

    And hooray for planting day!! I look forward to seeing your garden!

  3. The granola that I ordered was soooo amazing- honestly, the best I have EVER had!!
    I know how happy gardening makes you and your family. I wish I had the right yard to have a nice garden~ maybe someday in the near future. That pic of Jimmy and Sadie @ Lowe’s is the cutestttt.
    I read and re-read that paragraph from the book you’re reading —- such an eye opener!!
    Love you

    1. You made my day! And yes, gardening does make me so happy! I think you guys have a great yard for a garden! Maybe your side yard would be good so the pets don’t eat it? Though deer could be an issue, haha!

      The picture of Jimmy and Sadie at Lowe’s is my new fave!

      I love you! ❤

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