First Mow, Happy Moments, and a Vlog

We mowed our lawn for the first time this season and it felt wonderful! Even more wonderful? I didn’t fracture my hand in the process 😉

We packed in so many happy moments since I last posted just a few days ago!

Toddler girls on changing table like bunk beds

We had our monthly mom’s group at church and I did the devotion. Sadie and my niece Caroline had so much fun playing and I was able to hold my new nephew, Lawson, again!

Sadie held Lawson as well and I thought my heart was going to burst with happiness. Her little smile when she was holding him was just the absolute sweetest. She studied his precious face and soaked him in!

Toddler girl holding baby boy

My sister and I spontaneously decided to go thrift shopping with three kids in tow after the mom’s group and it was quite the adventure.

We managed to score a few items and I’m kind of obsessed with this jumpsuit I bought for Sadie 😍

Toddler girl wearing black jumpsuit with white hearts

It reminded me of the jumpsuit she had when she was only six months old. I don’t know how clothing is already nostalgic for me when she’s only 2.5 years old?!

Another happy moment was that fact that I was able to drink Starbucks coffee post stomach bug. Being able to drink strong coffee again felt like the true test of feeling better haha 😂

The weather in Pittsburgh has been absolutely perfect the past few days, so we’ve been taking lots of walks with Sadie and Niva! My sister gave Sadie a scooter for Christmas and she finally had the chance to use it!

Also, Sadie’s outfit below is her favorite. If you were to come to our house at any time, she would probably be wearing rain boots, a tutu-style skirt, and something Paw Patrol-related. She never wants to take her skirts off and says “No! It’s pretty!” when we try to change her into anything else 😂

Toddler girl riding scooter with a skirt on

We’ve been hanging out on our front porch a lot lately, too. I moved Sadie’s rocking chair out by our bistro table and it makes me so happy every time I see it.

Blue bistro table with black chairs and toddler rocking chair

Last but not least, we filmed a vlog on Tuesday! I was showing Sadie past vlogs the other day and she was absolutely loving them, so I decided we needed to continue this form of memory keeping and film a day in our life!

I think my favorite part is Niva trying to eat bubbles, LOL.

What is your favorite way to keep memories?

Tell me a happy moment from your life lately!



  1. The pics of Sadie are sooo precious. She certainly love the camera ❤️
    I guess pictures are my favorite way to keep memories ~ and I’m SO thankful and blessed that you have this amazing blog. It’s so awesome to be able to look back at our family’s life events, and to have precious pictures and moments of happiness (and sadness 🥺) all in one little niche of the internet. So- thank you!!
    The happiness in my life is from seeing my children raise and enjoy their own children, and wanting me involved in their lives. I love every moment I can spend with all of them!!! ♥️

    1. Thank you! I love that you are into pictures as a way of memory keeping! And I’m glad my blog has helped with that 🙂

      I loved hearing how happy us kids and grandkids make you! ❤

  2. Sadie’s expression, looking down at Lawson, is so adorable! 🙂

    The vlog made me smile. So cute that Niva likes to chase bubbles. ❤ Aimée is obsessed with bubbles too haha. She knows the word now and gets really excited!

    1. Every single time I look at that picture I smile! It’s just so sweet to see the way she adores her little cousin!

      How adorable that Aimée knows the word bubbles! That’s seriously amazing and probably the cutest thing to experience 🙂

  3. Sadie holding Lawson is so precious! 😍 Really seeing her with her cousins in general is precious. Lucky girl growing up so close to cousins! ❤

    And look at all those thrifted outfits!

    Grilling out, dinner outdoors, family walks… warmer weather is here! 🙂

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