Mowing Mistake and Craft Night

It was craft city in the Zottola house on Thursday night! I hopped on Pinterest and found a few Thanksgiving and fall-esque crafts and we had a such a fun evening.

First up was this paper plate turkey. I had to make a demo one so Sadie would know what to do… or maybe I just wanted to make one myself 😉

Thanksgiving craft for toddler

Here’s how Sadie’s turkey turned out. She was really digging the pink and purple feathers!

It has been neat to see her personality and preferences come out when she does arts and crafts.

Toddler Thanksgiving craft

After making turkeys, half a box of Fruit Loops were consumed in order to make a fall tree. 

Toddler fall craft

Fall craft for toddler

Last but not least, we made a pumpkin tambourine with more paper plates, finger paint, construction paper, lots of staples, and rice!

Pumpkin fall craft for toddler

Okay, onto my mowing mistake. We’ve been having beautiful weather here in Pittsburgh lately. Sunshine and 70 degrees in November? I’ll take it! 

I was mowing our lawn on Thursday and made a mistake. I got too close to our fence and smashed my hand between the lawnmower and the fence. Ouch! I thought I could shake it off but my hand kept hurting so Jimmy and my family pushed me to go get it checkout out at urgent care. 

It turns out I fractured my hand. This is my not-impressed-how-am-I-going-to-do-everyday-life-with-a-sling face, lol.

Fractured hand in sling

How you ever broken a bone or had a fracture? 

Do you like doing crafts? 


  1. Ouch, I’m sorry to hear about your hand! That sounds so painful! I hope it heals quickly.
    I’m lucky that I’ve never had a broken bone or fracture, but I did have torn ligaments in my ankle when I was 10 (a horse trod on my foot) and that wasn’t pleasant!

      1. It was definitely painful, and they couldn’t put it in a cast because nothing was broken, so it took a while to heal!

        Yes, I loved horseback riding and I was lucky enough to have my own horse from the ages of 10–16. 🙂

  2. So many cute crafts ❤ looks like fun!! I love crafting & am excited for when my little Godniece is old enough to craft with.
    I’ve had a fractured tailbone, and while this doesn’t exactly count as having broken a bone, I have had my sternum sawed in half & it is now laced with steel wires (goodness that sounds graphic… realities of open heart surgery).
    I hope you have a speedy and smooth recovery ❤
    I promise I’ll respond to your email soon & so sorry for delay, I’m *finally* healing and feeling more myself.

    1. It’s the best! I think you will have an absolute blast with your Godniece when she’s of crafting age!!

      Eek, a fractured tailbone sounds very painful, and then having your sternum sawed in half and laced with steel wires is just WILD!

      Thanks for the well wishes for a smooth recovery 🙂

      Take your time with the email!! I hope you’re feeling great when you read this! ❤

  3. I’m not really a crafty person at all. I guess because I grew up in a home that did 0 crafts ~ zilch. I am not creative at all, so that doesn’t help.
    I have fractured my femur and it is extremely painful. Not being able to use my right hand would be super hard for me for sure!! I guess you’ll need a lot of help over the next few weeks!!

    1. Isn’t it funny how I’m so into crafts and you didn’t do them growing up and I didn’t do much of them growing up either, haha. I guess I’m making up for it?!

      A fractured femur sounds so awful. Ugh!! And yes… I’ll take all the help I can get 🙂

  4. Oh no!!! I have to say, that is SUCH a mom thing to do… “What? No, I don’t need to go to the doctor. Mere fractured hand…” Ha, ha! I’m glad you listened to your family and got that checked out!! What a freak accident. I hope you heal very quickly!!
    LOVE the Thanksgiving crafts that you did!!! We might have to try some of those. 🙂

  5. Ah! So this is the story I missed. I’m so sorry about your hand! I’m glad it’s better now, but that must have been awful!

    On a happy note, these crafts are all so fun! 🙂

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