This Week, So Far

Well, it has been kind of a weird week over here!

Monday found us at the doctor’s office for Sadie girl because she has been having some digestive issues. We found out she lost weight. Poor thing. She’s having some testing done today, so hopefully all goes well and we can get some answers in the near future! 

Toddler at doctors office

Jimmy cut his thumb at work on Tuesday and had to get stitches. He was using a grinding wheel and cut through some nerves in his hand and passed out three times. Eek!! He’s doing okay now, just a little sore. He is off diaper-changing duty and isn’t allowed to wash any dishes!

Here’s what has been normal this week:

–> Pittsburgh got a nice little blanket of snow so Sadie and I have been walking Niva as long as we can stand the cold! It’s so nice to get outside, even if it takes us forever to get out the door with putting on coats, hats, mittens, and boots 😉

Siberian husky in snow

–> We made some toddler-friendly cookies! I don’t have an exact recipe, but we just combine oats, ripe bananas, and peanut butter and roll the dough out so we can cut it into shapes. No baking time involved!

It’s fun to have Sadie help with these and she actually eats them. Win-win.

Toddler cookies with oats, bananas, and peanut butter and cut with cookie cutters

–> One of our local libraries opened back up after closing around Thanksgiving due to COVID concerns. We went on Wednesday and came home with all the Paw Patrol (<– Sadie’s choice) and Valentine’s Day (<– my choice) books we could find!

–> I painted my nails for Valentine’s Day. I dropped the ball on decorating the house for V-Day, but at least my nails are festive, ha. Jimmy is going to be working (regular work and some church work) that weekend so we will probably celebrate early anyways!

Valentine's Day nails

–> Lots of Bible reading has been going on (currently reading Ruth), homeschool, and coffee drinking, as always!

Tell me about your week so far!



  1. Praying for Sadie, and of course for Jimmy’s soreness to subside!! I know Niva is totally enjoying this cold snowy weather (just like YaYa). I guess it has been a fairly normal week for dad and I. Mostly work, gym, and waking the dogs when it’s not too cold for Brandy’s adorable paws. Spending time with the grandbabies as much as possible!!
    Praying for you too!!

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