Life Lately

I feel like I haven’t posted about my life lately in a while. So, here we are!

Mom and baby girl smiling

I have to say a huge thank you to everyone who commented on my post about losing Lola. It meant so much to me. We’re doing okay. I knew I would be sad when she passed, but I didn’t know I would feel this sad.

It’s like there’s a hole in our lives without her. I keep finding her fur around the house, or will accidentally think “I should walk the dogs” and then realize she’s gone. We are moving forward and just doing our best. Losing Lola definitely inspired me to be present and love on our little family as much as possible each and every day. ❤

Mother and daughter in matching coats

Speaking of our family, Sadie girl is doing well! I feel like she is growing and changing by the minute. She is starting to say a few words (with meaning!) like ball, uh oh, mama, and dada. She also ran for the first time the other night (send help!), loves to dance, and is doing really, really well with her eating and swallowing.

She’s just a little ball of fun, curiosity, determination, and joy. We’ve had family members babysit her a few times over the past couple of months and she has done great. It’s really nice to have a break every now and then 🙂

I recently found a sled on Craigslist and scooped that puppy up for winter. Jimmy and I are hoping to pull her around in our neighborhood, yard, or on local trails this winter!

Baby girl sitting in LL Bean sled

Jimmy and I have been working on a big project now that summer is over and fall is in full swing. We’re renovating our kitchen! Jimmy has been wanting to do this project since we moved in, but I’ve always been resistant because I know how much work it will be, how long it takes, and how torn apart the kitchen will be.

I finally decided (you know, once we had a 13-month-old…) that it would be worth it in the end and dove in, starting with our cabinets. I’ve been removing hinges, puttying wood, and sanding my little heart out while Jimmy paints.

Gray kitchen cabinets

We’re going with a gray, yellow, and white color scheme, with black hardware. Can’t wait to see how it all looks. And I can’t wait until it’s all done because our kitchen is a disaster zone 😉

When I’m not getting my hands dirty with kitchen projects you can find me reading or crafting (wood burning has been my jam lately). I read The Sound of Gravel (<– affiliate link) and could. not. put. it. down. I also just finished a memoir about midwifery (<– affiliate link).

It is well with my soul wood sign

One of my latest wood burning projects!

I think that’s about it for life lately. Missing Lola, enjoying our little family, reading, crafting, and working hard around the house!

Tell me about your life lately!


Sadie at 11 Months

Sadie girl is 11 months and closing in on her first birthday very quickly. I truly can’t believe it! Here’s what’s up with Sader Tot at 11 months 🙂

Baby girl sitting up and smiling 11 months

Growth Sadie is 19 pounds and 27 inches tall.

Wearing 6-9 month clothes and some 12 month clothes that are a little baggy 😉

Personality Curious, joyful, and silly.

Baby girl with ponytail

Eating Still mostly breast milk, but she is doing so much better with her swallowing issues! We decided to take a watch and wait approach after her early intervention evaluation results showed that she was delayed in her oral motor skills. Instead of having a occupational therapist come to our home each week, we decided to work on the tips the OT gave us at her evaluation and go from there.

Right around 11 months, she really began to make progress with swallowing. It was like a switch flipped and she “got it” and swallowed pieces of cut up hot dogs, grapes, and bananas. She still has a little trouble with some foods, and sometimes she just swallows things whole, but she is doing a lot better and we are so, so grateful.

Nicknames All the same as previous months with the addition of Sade (which is short for Sadie) and T or TT, which is short for Tot, which is short for Sader Tot. We are big fans of nicknames in the Zottola house 😉

Sleeping Sadie usually goes to bed between 7 and 8 pm and gets up to eat between 4-5 am and usually goes back to sleep until 6-7 am! This can all go out the window if she’s teething or had a weird day of naps or traveling. She still sleeps in crazy positions!

Baby girl and dad smiling and clapping

Looks like A mix of me and Jimmy and sometimes she looks like my brother when he was a baby!

New skills She started taking steps right around 10 months and hasn’t looked back because she is full out walking now. She’s pretty fast, too! She is climbing everything, stacking things, putting toys in baskets and taking them back out, mimicking facial expressions, and babbling.

Likes All the same things as last month with the addition of walking and getting into anything she shouldn’t get into 😉

Baby girl smiling with bow in her hair

Dislikes Me setting her down or leaving her when she wants to be held, being laid down for diaper changes, being put in her car seat, and having her arms and head put through clothes.

Favorite products All the same as last month!

Other Notes Sadie went to the beach for the second time and enjoyed playing in the sand and swimming in the pool! I think she’s sprouting more teeth, her hair is almost white on top, and her eyes have settled into a hazel-y brown color.

I believe that’s everything for Sadie girl at 11 months! She is so much fun, keeps us on our toes, and one of the biggest blessings in our lives ❤