Peanut Butter Blossoms

Christmas Cookie Baking Day

My mom and I had our second annual Christmas cookie baking day on Saturday. It was wonderful and included laughter, a melted plastic spoon, Christmas music, and lots of cookies.


What we made

Russian Tea Cakes
Chocolate Covered Oreos
Ritz Toffee
Polar Bear Cookies
Chocolate Crinkles
Peanut Butter Blossoms
Sugar Cookies
Chocolate Snowballs
Peppermint Bark
Chocolate Covered Pretzels

We baked at my house this year because I had to run out to pet sit in the area a few times. While my kitchen is much smaller than my parents’, we made the best of the counter space and piled cookies wherever we could.


We melted chocolate, rolled balls of dough, unwrapped countless Hershey’s Kisses, got sick of hearing the oven’s timer beep, and taste tested all day long.

For some reason, my mom left that night absolutely covered in flour and powdered sugar and I was left unscathed. We’re still trying to figure that out, haha.

melting-chocolate polar-bear-cookies toffee

We baked for eight hours and were exhausted by the end of the day. That delirious, happy-type of exhaustion, though! It was worth every minute of work to be able to give our neighbors, friends, and loved ones tins of cookies the next day.

It was also worth it to eat copious amounts of cookies šŸ˜‰


Do you bake around Christmas time?

What’s your favorite type of cookie?