Iron Infusion, New Books, and Weekend Fun

Had my fifth iron infusion of this pregnancy on Friday! I go back to the hematologist next month for a blood draw to check my hemoglobin, ferritin, etc. levels and determine next steps, buuuut I’m done with iron infusions for now!

Pregnant woman getting iron infusion for anemiaMy dad came with me again and I did some real estate work while baby boy and I got our 200mg of Venofer. An hour or two in the hospital and then I was free!

It’s Labor Day weekend for all my U.S. friends. Have you been up to anything fun? Sadie and I started the fun on Thursday by swimming in our neighbor’s pool. Every time she swims, she seems more and more comfortable and brave in the water, especially since the swim lessons disaster earlier this summer πŸ˜‚

Mom and daughter in swimming pool

On Friday, I got a package in the mail and Jimmy side-eyed me because I get way too many Amazon packages as it is. I was like “I don’t think I ordered anything?!”Β and I didn’t. It was a gift from my mom! She sent me this book because we’ve both been wanting to read it. I also just started The Bodyguard and am enjoying it. I like pretty much anything Katherine Center writes!

My mom and I love a good memoir and are known to pass books back and forth if we liked them. The Sound of Gravel, Point of View, Called to Be Amish, Frontier Follies, unSweetined, Life After Darkness, I’ll Scream Later, Open Book, and The Magnolia Story are just a few of the many memoirs that we’ve read together and enjoyed. It’s definitely a fun hobby to have a two person book club constantly going 😬

Husband and wife sitting in gazebo

Photo by Sader Tot ❀️

We went to the park on Saturday and Sadie was once again enamored with the geese. She chased after them for a good while and I was cracking up. She also took pictures of Jimmy and I in a gazebo and kept saying “Say bride!” as she took them because she thought the gazebo looked like the perfect spot for a wedding.

We had a visit from the ice cream man on Saturday afternoon. Sonic the Hedgehog ice cream?! Day made for Sadie! I was surprised that she actually chewed the gum ball eyes. At what age can kids safely chew gum?!

Mom holding daughter with Sonic the Hedgehog Blue Bunny ice cream from ice cream truck

Jimmy went to a huge fair on Saturday night with some of his family to watch tractor pulls. He had to buy special tickets and knew it would be loud and chaotic, so Sadie hung out with mama for the evening!

We went to the mall and she got to play in the kids play area for a bit, looked around Claire’s, and then we stopped into Target. I found Dunkin’ pumpkin spice Goldfish grahams and they are delicious! Definitely should have bought two bags πŸ˜‰

Dunkin' Pumpkin Spice Goldfish Grahams

Now it’s Sunday and we’re about to head into church for the evening! I took a little nap after the morning service and it was much needed. I’m not sure what our plans are for tomorrow, but I’m excited to spend extra time with Sadie and Jimmy πŸ₯°

How has your weekend been?



  1. Sounds like you had a lovely weekend πŸ™‚ And it must be a relief to have the iron infusions finished now, so you can hopefully look forward to the rest of your pregnancy without too many more hospital appointments.

    I caught up on some admin for my Master’s on Saturday. Only four months left! And yesterday my boyfriend and I had a browse around the shops. All I bought was some hiking socks, nothing glamorous haha, but they look practical and comfy.

  2. So glad the iron infusions have all gone so smoothly! And so glad that Sadie is doing so well in the pool! That’s so great!

  3. I’m so glad your iron infusions are done and hopefully your final test will go well!
    I love that you and Sadie are two peas in a pod— so close and do so much together!
    I will try one of the goldfish – but I can’t guarantee i will like it ://
    So happy Sadie is back in the water too!!

  4. Yay for the end of iron infusions. That’s wonderful that your dad could be there with you. Have you and your mom read The Glass Castle? It’s one of my favorite books of all time – a great memoir. I also enjoyed Educated. And The Sound of Gravel was hard, but well done.

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