Less to clean, bacon-wrapped jalapeños, and gardening

I figured out what to do with the jalapeños we got from people in our neighborhood! I made bacon-wrapped, stuffed jalapeños thanks to Amy’s idea 🙂

Bacon-wrapped stuffed jalapeñosStuffed bacon-wrapped jalapeño poppers

I just sliced the fresh jalapeños in half, stuffed them with cream cheese, wrapped them in bacon, topped them with brown sugar, and baked them at 375 degrees for 30 minutes.

Sadie and I had a sticker party the other day. Jimmy was out running an errand and I needed to do some cooking so I just pulled her chair and booster seat up to the kitchen counter and gave her some stickers while I chopped vegetables for a pot of bean soup.

She thought it was pretty neat to put stickers all over us.

Mom and daughter playing with stickers

While Jimmy was out running his errand, Niva decided to jump on our back storm door and break through the glass.

We have so many funny stories with that storm door, like when Jimmy accidentally punched through it because of Lola, Niva cracked the top pane recently, and then we just lost another to her jumping habit.

Husky broke glass door by jumping

My first thought? Well, that’s one less pane of glass to clean! 🙂

The garden has been giving us lots of yellow squash, zucchini, and arugula lately.

Zucchini, yellow squash, and arugula from vegetable garden

I got a cupcake order for our cousin Leia’s fourth birthday! I feel like I was just baking cupcakes for her first birthday. Crazy!

I had some cupcakes leftover, so I delivered a few boxes to our neighbors!

Cupcakes with rainbow sprinkles

I took Niva to the vet for her shots and they did curbside pick-up, so Sadie and I had to wait in the car while she was getting her shots and checkup.

Sadie got bored pretty fast, so I decided to take her outside to walk around and realized I didn’t put shoes on her before we left.

Barefoot toddler picking flowers

Oh well! Sometimes you just have to go barefoot and pick flowers while you wait for your dog to get shots because you can’t go into the vet’s office. This is 2020!

Have you had an “this is 2020” moments lately?



  1. Yay for bacon wrapped jalapeño poppers!! Great decision. 😉

    Niva looks a little uncertain after her adventures in glass breaking. I’m glad she wasn’t hurt and that you immediately put a positive spin on the situation.

    1. Thanks for recommending ’em!!

      I was so surprised Niva didn’t get cut by the glass. I figure I have to stay positive on all the craziness… it’s easier than crying haha!

  2. Those bacon wrapped jalapenos look good!
    Sadie would rather walk barefoot any day!
    Niva is a crazy girl!

    Love you Dad

  3. Wow! Your garden veggies look so amazing!! I’m going to have to take a stab at a garden next season~ I will need a lot of help though!
    I feel so bad about your storm door ~ it does have a lot of stories with it!! I will miss being able to pass things through the broken window slot while keeping it shut during a picnic 😂😂
    The stickers look fun, and the cupcakes look delicious~ as usual.
    Love you!

  4. So glad Niva was okay after the storm door incident! Oreo broke through a glass door one time and I was SO worried about him, but other than one small cut he was totally fine.

    Also, I’ve never had jalapeno poppers because I can be a scaredy cat when it comes to food that I haven’t tried that might be spicy… how hot are they? I like mild pickled jalapenos and I love salsa that has jalapenos in them, but the idea of eating an entire jalapeno sounds scary to me, ha!

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